NEX Treasury, formerly MyTreasury, is a cash and liquidity management centre for Money Market Funds, Term Deposits, Certificates of Deposit and Commercial Paper as well as FX trading. Our web-based platform connects clients to a global community of Treasurers, Banks and Funds, providing a secure and intuitive platform to implement investment decisions via fully automated trading workflow.

Launched initially with the backing of the European Commission, the platform had the objective to build a trading environment that meets the specific cash management needs of the treasury community in an independent, efficient and effective way.

The company was acquired in 2008 by NEX and has subsequently evolved to offer global coverage of across the full range of cash management instruments.

From day one, neutrality has been central to the way NEX Treasury does business and we are committed to investing in the platform to meet the evolving needs of the treasury community. We are trusted to support their trading and investment workflow, facilitating trading in money and FX markets and servicing many billions of dollars of trade flow every day.

NEX Treasury is part of NEX, a financial technology company that provides platforms, tools and expertise to help clients execute efficiently and optimise resources throughout the transaction lifecycle. NEX operate a world leading electronic trading business offering a diverse portfolio of products and services in the OTC Markets, through its EBS, BrokerTec and NEX Treasury services.

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