Nominations for the 2018 TMI Awards are now closed. Thank you to those who made a nomination, winners will be notified in due course (note - we anticipate this will happen during the course of w/c 3rd December). Please email Sam Clarke ( if you have any questions in the meantime. 

Alternatively you may wish to check out the winners of the 2017 TMI Awards for Innovation & Excellence!


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TMI Awards 2018

General Awards Information

For over 25 years, Treasury Management International (TMI) has been dedicated to promoting best practices and innovations in treasury management.

We take pride in the significant input we have made to the development of the treasury and finance profession by promoting the growth of treasury associations and clubs around the world, providing new insights into treasury and supporting treasurers in their efforts to find new ways to add value to their organisations.

Since we introduced the TMI Awards for Innovation & Excellence more than a decade ago, these Awards have become firmly established as the quality benchmark for the treasury profession, formally recognising the banks, vendors, consultants and practitioners who are defining new frontiers and driving best practices in treasury management globally.

We have established a qualitative approach to the submissions and judging process, thereby providing greater consistency and transparency in the awards criteria. By doing so, we hope to further enhance the value of the TMI Awards for winners, and how these are recognised across the wider profession.

If you represent a bank, technology vendor, consultancy or corporate treasury, you can nominate your own organisation for an award in the relevant category. In addition, you can choose to nominate one or more third parties for an Award. For example, as a corporate treasurer, you may wish to nominate a bank, vendor or consultancy in recognition of innovation and excellence in the services you have received. Similarly, banks, vendors and consultancies may choose to nominate their customers.

Click here to download the full TMI Awards nomination guidelines (PDF) >>


Award Categories

In 2018, TMI Awards for Innovation and Excellence will be decided across the following 4 categories:

  • Corporate Recognition Awards
  • Bank Awards (by solution and geography)
  • Money Market Fund Providers
  • Technology Innovation Awards

Nomination Process

There are three ways to be considered for an Award in each category:

  1. Case Studies
    All case studies that have been published in the past 12 months in TMI are automatically considered for an award and do not need to be resubmitted.

  2. Self-Nomination
    Any bank, technology vendor, consultancy or corporate treasury can nominate their own organisation for an award in the relevant category or categories.

  3. Third Party Nomination
    Any bank, technology vendor, consultancy or corporate treasury can nominate a third party organisation for an award in the relevant category or categories. For example, a bank, vendor or consultancy may nominate their customers while a corporate treasurer may nominate their banks, vendors or consultancies.

Self-Nominations and Third Party nominations can be made online via the nomination buttons below or by clicking here. Nominations should be no more than 1,000 words (plus brief supporting document if appropriate).



All information contained within each nomination will be treated as strictly confidential.



Nominations must be submitted no later than Wednesday 31st October 2018.


To make a nomination please choose from one of the following categories:

Corporate Recognition Awards Bank Awards Money Market Fund Awards Technology Innovation Awards Tracking pixel

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