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A Global View of Cash Investment

Treasurers around the world are approaching a watershed in the way that they formulate cash investment policies and processes, as evidenced by the emergence of new investment products and more competitive rates for instruments that meet banks’ capital and liquidity requirements. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

Adding Value to Cash Management

In a fast-changing environment of geopolitical shifts, regulatory change, market volatility and technology innovation, it is often difficult to identify where treasury professionals should focus.

Corporate Finance

Interview - Jean-François Deiss

We chat to Rexel's VP Finance & Treasury about the company's treasury department, discussing everything from cash management reporting to receivables securitisation.


Taking the SEPA Approach Further

A six-month extension to the SEPA deadline should not stop firms from planning their next steps, but the foundations laid by SEPA provide ample opportunities to innovate both in the SEPA zone and further afield.

Financial Supply Chain

Implementing a Supply Chain Financing Programme

As a business operating largely in the B2C space with a large proportion of direct debit receivables, Liberty Global had limited opportunity to optimise collections further to enhance the company's working capital position.

Financial Technology

Streamlining Bank Connectivity Through TIS

While SAP has proved effective in supporting transaction management and reporting, worldwide logistics provider DASCHER needed a straightforward solution to streamline bank communication and increase payments efficiency and control.


The European Commission's Proposals on the Regulation of Money Market Funds

We are delighted to publish papers from both the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) and the Institutional Money Market Funds Association (IMMFA) in response to the European Commission's recent proposals on MMF regulation.

Risk Management

Innovation and Precision in Managing International Project Risks

NEM's Treasury & Risk Manager discusses how the company use trade instruments in combination with other approaches to help manage collections risk that derives from both individual customer credit risk and wider political risks.

Strategic Treasury

'Stressury': Genuine Risk or Fantasy?

On the face of it the treasurer’s job does not look to be one of the most stressful. Yet treasurers handle millions and billions in multiple currencies to the point of losing sight of their economic reality at times.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

Are the Markets Really Predicting the End of the Financial Crisis?

A derivatives expert and currency strategist share their views on current market trends and corporate hedging approaches.

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