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Würth Group Implements Two-Way RMB Sweeping with HSBC

Global fastening products corporation Würth Group has recently mandated relationship bank HSBC Germany to implement an automated, two-way RMB sweeping solution between China and Germany. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management Deutsche Bank

Reflections and Resolutions

What lessons can we learn from treasury management trends in 2014, and what can we expect from 2015? We talk to Andrew Reid of Deutsche Bank and gain his expert insight.


A Forward-Looking Approach to Cash Management

It is only now, in 2015, that the impact of some of the key features of the new regulations, such as the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), are becoming tangible for corporate treasury practitioners involved in day-to-day cash management.

Financial Supply Chain

Driving the Next Generation of Financial Supply Chain Solutions

The use of financial supply chain tools for optimising working capital has become increasingly prevalent over recent years and working capital objectives are now an essential element of corporate strategy. We look at what is likely to come next.

Financial Technology

Looking Behind the Cloud: Understanding the Technology of Treasury

How do you choose a treasury system? Understanding differing technologies is often outside of the scope of the treasurer so they turn to standardized RFPs which, for all their good intentions, are often clunky and outdated.

Strategic Treasury

Discovering Your Treasury ‘Why’

Some leaders of great companies are able to become the best at what they do not just by how they do things better than the competition - but because they understand why they do it.

Country Focus

Outsourcing Contract Documentation at ENOC

Emirates National Oil Company's Manager of Group Treasury outlines how the company opted for outsourced export Document Preparation Services for letter of credit handling, delivering significant commercial and operational advantages.

Risk Management

Let’s Talk about Risk

The focus on risk management has continued to gain momentum in the last couple of years and, for today’s treasurer, risk management now influences every decision, interaction and bank conversation.


Leveraging the SEPA Opportunity

SEPA should make it easier to centralise treasury, cash management and payment functions for a wide range of incoming and outgoing cash flows in Europe.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

The TMI Tax Doctor: Withholding Tax

Examining a practical solution to reducing the administrative burden of making double tax treaty claims in order to reduce/relieve the need to withhold tax on cross-border lending.

Corporate Finance

Financial Planning and Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities in an Unpredictable Environment

AFP's CEO comments on the Tesco inquiry and outlines the importance of reliable forecasting practices and the integration of corporations’ risk management practices with their financial planning and analysis departments.

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