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The End of Global Banking?

The suggestion that true global banking relationships are no longer realistic is gaining traction amongst some treasurers, especially given potential conflicts with risk management objectives. Read More ...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Deutsche Bank

How Smart Cash Management Could Save Your Balance Sheet

Top cash management providers deploy their own methodology for analysing treasury and financial operations, and then deliver intelligence on root causes of various problems and prescriptions for fixing them.

Financial Supply Chain

An Integrated Approach to Working Capital

Clients no longer want their banks to push products in particular segments, such as cash, trade or FX. Instead, corporate treasurers (and their banks) are taking a more integrated approach to working capital.

Financial Technology

The Business Case for a New Generation of Electronic Banking Systems in Asia Pacific

The Cashfac Operational Cash Index highlighted that just 35 percent of respondents had timely, accurate visibility over 55 percent or more of their total cash.


New Investment Landscapes, New Opportunities

New instruments and approaches to cash investment are likely to offer considerable opportunity to innovative corporate treasurers - a good example being that globalisation is leading to investment opportunities in a wider range of currencies than ever before.

Strategic Treasury

Pioneering Energy Flow Transformation in Emerging Markets

As world markets enter a period of dynamic change in supply and demand, we take a look at the options available to treasurers of energy companies.

Country Focus

Poised for Competitive Advantage in the Middle East

A survey at a recent event found that 93% of participants believed that Middle East banks would capture a significantly larger portion of the transaction banking market in the region over the next decade.

Risk Management

Are Treasurers Damaging Share Prices?

Managing FX risk is a very real and tangible issue: FX losses in 2013 amounted to $17.8bn amongst fewer than 850 multinationals. The Editor discusses the impact on EPS and the serious implications for the international corporate community.


The SEPA Exceptions: Possible Effects on Companies Across Europe

There are a number of exceptions such as local niche products that are still in use, for example, in the different SEPA countries. Local products and other exceptions such as those for the usage of IBAN, BIC or XML have an extended SEPA deadline and only need to be migrated to the SEPA by February …

Tax, Accounting & Legal

The TMI Tax Doctor: Withholding Tax

Examining a practical solution to reducing the administrative burden of making double tax treaty claims in order to reduce/relieve the need to withhold tax on cross-border lending.

Corporate Finance

The Evolving Role of the Corporate Treasurer

Over the last couple of year the role of the treasurer has evolved from risk management and 'execution' to being a partner to the business and very much a part of strategic decision-making.

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