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The End or the Beginning for Money Market Funds?

The Editor discusses with senior practitioners the effect of recent reforms made by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to Rule 2a7 funds (US money market funds) with the aim of reducing systemic risk. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

A Local Approach to Universal Banking

Corporations of all sizes are seeking to expand their global footprint - but achieving harmony with local market practices, regulatory compliance, and payments and collections culture in each market is becoming increasingly challenging.


New Investment Landscapes, New Opportunities

New instruments and approaches to cash investment are likely to offer considerable opportunity to innovative corporate treasurers - a good example being that globalisation is leading to investment opportunities in a wider range of currencies than ever before.

Financial Supply Chain

Breaking Down Boundaries in Financial Supply Chains

As globalisation, urbanisation and supply chain complexity continues to grow, it seems an apt time to examine the innovative concept of ‘borderless business’, emphasising the importance of harmonisation and simplification across countries and supply chains.


Video Archive

Cards strategy: an integral part of effective payments management

Financial Technology

Enhancing Customer Experience by Automating the Cash Application Process

We look at how Owen Corning, a Fortune 500 company, supported its Customer Experience Transformation initiative with an Accounts Receivable project defined to automate their cash application process.

Strategic Treasury

Benchmarking Treasury Operations - A 360 Degree Perspective

Effective benchmarking isn't simply about comparing a handful of functions and companies - it should provide a 360 degree treasury perspective, offering a broad baseline and insights into best practices across all dimensions of treasury management.

Country Focus

Connected Europe; a business reality

Companies in Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe are more connected than ever. Many have supply chains that span multiple countries and sales and operations in both regions.

Risk Management

Mitigating Risk in Latin America

Escrow services have a crucial role to play in helping multinationals to manage risk as they increase their business activities in Latin America.


Leveraging the SEPA Opportunity

SEPA should make it easier to centralise treasury, cash management and payment functions for a wide range of incoming and outgoing cash flows in Europe.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

CRD IV ­– What Next?

The new Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV) and the associated Capital Requirements Regulation (the CRR) came into effect in January 2014, but the journey to full implementation of CRD IV has only just begun.

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