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Let’s Talk about Risk

The focus on risk management has continued to gain momentum in the last couple of years and, for today’s treasurer, risk management now influences every decision, interaction and bank conversation. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

A Focus on Best Practices in Cash Management

With SEPA compliance projects now largely nearing completion, we speak to HSBC's Head of Sales, Europe, Payments and Cash Management about the priorities emerging amongst corporate customers.

Financial Supply Chain

A Straight Path to Receivables Reconciliation

Recent advances in regulations, electronic payments acceptance and paper-to-electronic conversion, have allowed some companies to move rapidly toward the STR ideal - and they are now looking to achieve rates of success similar to what has been achieved with straight-through processing for payables.

Risk Management

Risk Appetite: Fight or Flight?

The notion of an appetite for risk is something of a paradox in times of crisis. Generally speaking, no one likes risk; we all strive to limit it as much as possible. However, behind this notion is hidden the idea of determining a company’s profile.

Financial Technology

Treasurers on the Move

By freeing treasury and finance teams from their desks, simplify banking transactions and make business data richer and more accessible, the roadmap is drawn for smarter and more efficient companies.


Credit Ratings: Myth vs Reality

Credit ratings agencies have received a lot of attention in recent years, yet confusion remains about their role and how they operate. We look at 10 common myths about the industry.


SEPA & beyond: Preparing for camt

The cash management (camt) message is designed to standardise the account information delivered by banks to their customers and to achieve straight-through processing also for the reconciliation management.

Corporate Finance

Interview - Edouard Laurent

We speak to Bull Group's CFO about centralisation, funding, interest rate risk and more.

Strategic Treasury

In-House Banking: Is the Time Right for You?

Changes to the global banking and financial market environments are prompting corporates across Latin America to consider in-house banks. Provided they are carefully planned and structured, they can result in significantly lower costs, improved efficiency and enhanced visibility and control.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

IFRS 9 Hedging - Was it Worth the Wait? (part one)

We outline the key changes to hedging under IAS 39, explain the new concepts introduced by IFRS 9 and, most importantly, look at what this means for treasurers.

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