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Crossing the SEPA Start Line

Has SEPA been a failure? TMI's Editor thinks not - but it has not (yet) been an unmitigated success either. Perhaps the SEPA migration deadline is really the beginning and many of the potential achievements of a harmonised payments landscape are still to be realised. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

Working Capital Management: Are You Taking the Right Approach?

Working capital management is a critical function of business — maintaining smooth cash flows may sound simple but for today’s sophisticated, multinational organisations, it becomes a hugely complex task.

Financial Supply Chain

Supply Chain Finance in Latin America: A New Era

Supply chain finance is finally taking hold in Latin America. Banks have successfully adapted their supply chain offerings to take account of the nature of relationships between buyers and suppliers in the region, and its legal and regulatory diversity.


Taking the SEPA Approach Further

A six-month extension to the SEPA deadline should not stop firms from planning their next steps, but the foundations laid by SEPA provide ample opportunities to innovate both in the SEPA zone and further afield.

Financial Technology

Sibos Corporate Forum: Shaping a New Era in Corporate-to-Bank Relationships

With SWIFT now a well established communication solution for multi-banked corporations, the Corporate Forum retains the pioneering and innovative spirit of the early years, but now covers a far wider range of issues with which treasurers are occupied.


Credit Ratings: Myth vs Reality

Credit ratings agencies have received a lot of attention in recent years, yet confusion remains about their role and how they operate. We look at 10 common myths about the industry.

Risk Management

Are Treasurers Damaging Share Prices?

Managing FX risk is a very real and tangible issue: FX losses in 2013 amounted to $17.8bn amongst fewer than 850 multinationals. The Editor discusses the impact on EPS and the serious implications for the international corporate community.

Corporate Finance

My Life in Treasury: Karolina Tarnawska, Grupa Žywiec

In the latest installment of our series, 2012 TMI corporate award winner, Karolina Tarnawska of Grupa Žywiec (part of the Heineken Group), discusses how her career in treasury has progressed.

Strategic Treasury

Common Standards, a Superior Experience

The Editor discusses standardisation and the importance of efficient, integrated and user-friendly channels with Citi's Head of Channel and Enterprise Services for the EMEA region.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

IFRS 9 Hedging - Was it Worth the Wait? (part one)

We outline the key changes to hedging under IAS 39, explain the new concepts introduced by IFRS 9 and, most importantly, look at what this means for treasurers.

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