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Money Market Funds Around the Globe - A ‘League Table’ of Market Features

HSBC has compiled a basic 'league table' of MMF features to illustrate some of the fund choices that are available and point out some of the factors that may be useful in understanding the difference between potential MMFs. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

Future Electronics: Implementing A Regional Liquidity Structure in Asia-Pacific

Before 2013, Future Electronics’ Corporate Treasury department managed highly fragmented pools of liquidity in Asia-Pacific through a decentralised model, which caused significant cash management challenges for the company.

Financial Supply Chain

A Straight Path to Receivables Reconciliation

Recent advances in regulations, electronic payments acceptance and paper-to-electronic conversion, have allowed some companies to move rapidly toward the STR ideal - and they are now looking to achieve rates of success similar to what has been achieved with straight-through processing for payables.

Risk Management

Mitigating Currency Risk: Results of the AFEX Currency Risk Outlook Survey

The survey polled 452 businesses around the world and found that half of the respondents will employ a hedging strategy in 2014, with more than a third (35%) expecting to hedge more than they did in 2013.

Financial Technology

Sibos Corporate Forum: Shaping a New Era in Corporate-to-Bank Relationships

With SWIFT now a well established communication solution for multi-banked corporations, the Corporate Forum retains the pioneering and innovative spirit of the early years, but now covers a far wider range of issues with which treasurers are occupied.


Dissecting Risk in Money Market Funds

Treasury professionals need to carefully vet funds’ investment risk to ensure a fund manager’s risk appetite aligns with their risk tolerance.


Leveraging the SEPA Opportunity

SEPA should make it easier to centralise treasury, cash management and payment functions for a wide range of incoming and outgoing cash flows in Europe.

Corporate Finance

My Life in Treasury: Sarah-Jane Chilver-Stainer, GSK

Sarah-Jane Chilver-Stainer, Group Treasurer of GSK, talks about her career in treasury so far and shares some insights that all finance professionals can benefit from.

Strategic Treasury

Facilitating the Growing Strategic Role of Treasury

The broader remit of corporate treasuries in Latin America has treasurers seeking increased support and advice from banks to help them achieve their goals.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

The Changing Tax Landscape – What Does it Mean for Treasurers?

Three types of upcoming change are likely to have a substantial impact on the tax landscape and therefore businesses’ commercial operations - including treasury functions. It is vital for treasury teams to be prepared.

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