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A Measured Response to Regulatory Change

While new regulations such as Basel III will undoubtedly have an impact on providers’ and investors’ policies and behaviour in the future, it is important to avoid a sensationalist reaction. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

How Virtual Accounts Respond to Your New Collection Challenges

SEPA contributed a major step towards the harmonisation and the standardisation of formats, but some challenges are still keeping corporates from taking full advantage of the potential benefits - and significantly improving their order-to-cash cycle as a result.


The Impact of the Rising Costs of Investment

Negative yield environment and regulatory challenges have led Euro money market funds to compromise on their core investment principles. Northern Trust believes VNAV is the futuristic approach which can help in resolving these present and future challenges.

Financial Supply Chain

Supply Chain Finance in Latin America: A New Era

Supply chain finance is finally taking hold in Latin America. Banks have successfully adapted their supply chain offerings to take account of the nature of relationships between buyers and suppliers in the region, and its legal and regulatory diversity.


Video Archive

Cards strategy: an integral part of effective payments management

Financial Technology

A Milestone in Global Securities Services Innovation

UniCredit’s Global Securities Services (GSS) offer comprehensive custody and securities servicing capabilities in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) with a number 1 or 2 position in each market in which we operate.

Strategic Treasury

An Inside View on European Treasuries

The EACT Treasury Benchmarking Survey, conducted by TMI and its technology sponsor Reval, shows how European treasurers resolve the balancing act of limited staff and budget despite increasing importance of the treasury function to the business.

Country Focus

Connected Europe: the ideal model for industrial efficiency (video)

7 successful European companies debate different aspects of the pan-European supply chain. This episode talks about the ideal model for industrial efficiency - location, environment and innovation.

Risk Management

Risk Appetite: Fight or Flight?

The notion of an appetite for risk is something of a paradox in times of crisis. Generally speaking, no one likes risk; we all strive to limit it as much as possible. However, behind this notion is hidden the idea of determining a company’s profile.


The SEPA Exceptions: Possible Effects on Companies Across Europe

There are a number of exceptions such as local niche products that are still in use, for example, in the different SEPA countries. Local products and other exceptions such as those for the usage of IBAN, BIC or XML have an extended SEPA deadline and only need to be migrated to the SEPA by February …

Tax, Accounting & Legal

IFRS 9 Hedging - Was it Worth the Wait? (part two)

We take an in-depth look at hedging with options and forwards, the journal entries relating to hedge accounting under IFRS 9, alternatives to hedge accounting and transition and disclosure requirements.

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