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A New Generation of Treasury Innovation in the UAE

In May 2015, a panel of leading corporate treasurers and both international and local banks gathered to discuss some of the most important priorities for corporate treasurers in UAE, and how the banks are responding to these evolving needs. Read More ...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Deutsche Bank

Cross-Currency Payments: International Payments with an FX Flavour

As globalisation continues to drive the need for international payments, corporates are focusing on the underlying FX as well as the payment itself.

Financial Supply Chain

Taking a Holistic View of the Supply Chain

Treasurers need to look at their supply chains with an open mind, clearly defining their objectives and assessing their circumstances so that the relative importance of goals such as working capital optimisation or automation to drive efficiency can be determined.

Financial Technology

Hilton Worldwide Re-engineers its Treasury

As a result of a merger in 2006, Hilton Worldwide’s treasury executives took a hard look at its treasury operations, and subsequently embarked on an ambitious project to re-engineer its enterprise treasury system.


The Impact of Basel III

Basel III regulations redefine global standards for bank capital, liquidity and leverage. Whilst the regulations won't be fully implemented until 2019, key regulations have already taken effect, compelling many treasurers to recalibrate their liquidity strategies.

Strategic Treasury

An International Bank and its Clients

We spoke to ING Bank Turkey's Head of Commercial Banking about the bank's recent achievements and plans for the rest of the year.

Country Focus

2015 India Corporate Treasury Survey

The author presents the findings of a survey of 63 Indian corporate treasurers conducted by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd to seek their views on the most important aspects of treasury management today.

Risk Management

Are Treasurers Damaging Share Prices?

Managing FX risk is a very real and tangible issue: FX losses in 2013 amounted to $17.8bn amongst fewer than 850 multinationals. The Editor discusses the impact on EPS and the serious implications for the international corporate community.


Crossing the SEPA Start Line

Has SEPA been a failure? TMI's Editor thinks not - but it has not (yet) been an unmitigated success either. Perhaps the SEPA migration deadline is really the beginning and many of the potential achievements of a harmonised payments landscape are still to be realised.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

Can the New PSD Regulation Bring an Alternative to Cash Pooling?

Since the adaptation of the Payment Service Directive (PSD) in 2007, significant progress and integration of payments in the EU has been achieved.

Corporate Finance

The Evolving Role of the Corporate Treasurer

Over the last couple of year the role of the treasurer has evolved from risk management and 'execution' to being a partner to the business and very much a part of strategic decision-making.

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