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Crossing the SEPA Start Line

Has SEPA been a failure? TMI's Editor thinks not - but it has not (yet) been an unmitigated success either. Perhaps the SEPA migration deadline is really the beginning and many of the potential achievements of a harmonised payments landscape are still to be realised. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

Dynamic Credit and Collections to Slash Bad Debt

The collapse of the US property market in 2007-8 had major implications for the construction firm Lennox. It made the improvement of accounts receivable performance a top priority, whilst also enhancing customer relations and developing a closer dialogue with higher-risk customers.

Financial Supply Chain

PwC Asia Corporate Treasury Survey 2014: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Treasurers in Asia still have some work to do in the areas of systems, processes and people to transform the treasury in order to add more value to the business.

Risk Management

Mitigating Risk in Latin America

Escrow services have a crucial role to play in helping multinationals to manage risk as they increase their business activities in Latin America.

Financial Technology

Sibos Corporate Forum: Shaping a New Era in Corporate-to-Bank Relationships

With SWIFT now a well established communication solution for multi-banked corporations, the Corporate Forum retains the pioneering and innovative spirit of the early years, but now covers a far wider range of issues with which treasurers are occupied.


Overview of Global Regulators

Both new and proposed regulations in the US and Europe are having a strong impact on corporate treasurers and their cash investment policies. This overview of global regulators provided by IMMFA shows exactly who is making the rules and how they operate.


Marking the Start of a New Era with the SEPA End Date

Companies can now begin to turn their attention to leveraging the opportunities that SEPA presents, and participate in initiatives that explore future innovations for payments and collections.

Corporate Finance

My Life in Treasury: Sarah-Jane Chilver-Stainer, GSK

Sarah-Jane Chilver-Stainer, Group Treasurer of GSK, talks about her career in treasury so far and shares some insights that all finance professionals can benefit from.

Strategic Treasury

A Treasury Optimisation Journey at Wolseley

In 2006, Wolseley made the decision to implement a treasury management system (TMS), which was followed in 2008 by automated confirmation matching. These provided a platform to develop more sophisticated treasury strategies and support the evolving needs of the business more effectively.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

The Changing Tax Landscape – What Does it Mean for Treasurers?

Three types of upcoming change are likely to have a substantial impact on the tax landscape and therefore businesses’ commercial operations - including treasury functions. It is vital for treasury teams to be prepared.

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