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Benchmarking Treasury Operations - A 360 Degree Perspective

Effective benchmarking isn't simply about comparing a handful of functions and companies - it should provide a 360 degree treasury perspective, offering a broad baseline and insights into best practices across all dimensions of treasury management. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

Building on the Standardization Effects of SEPA: Setting Up a Payment Factory

Setting up a payment factory could prove the probate method for optimizing the group-wide payment and collection process. This article looks at the advantages of such centralized hubs and what technology is available to support the effort.

Investment Supported by J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan 2014 PeerView Survey Results

Are your cash investment practices aligned with your peers? Download the J.P. Morgan 2014 PeerView Survey Results to find out.

Country Focus

Connected Europe: the ideal model for industrial efficiency (video)

7 successful European companies debate different aspects of the pan-European supply chain. This episode talks about the ideal model for industrial efficiency - location, environment and innovation.

Financial Technology

Treasurers on the Move

By freeing treasury and finance teams from their desks, simplify banking transactions and make business data richer and more accessible, the roadmap is drawn for smarter and more efficient companies.

Financial Supply Chain

Leveraging Strategic Supplier Spend Solutions

The ability to take a strategic approach to supplier spend, and viewing accounts payable spend as an income generating and working capital optimising asset rather than a cash flow liability, is poised to become an essential capability for treasurers to create competitive advantage and add further …


Take Advantage of the SEPA Grace Period!

Those that are not compliant will not be able to pay staff and suppliers, or receive payments from customers, with damaging consequences for their business and the broader economy.

Risk Management

Broad Corporate Strategy Required to Manage Emerging Market Risk

Many of the risks that company treasurers encounter in Africa require an understanding of what can and can’t be managed or hedged – and then how best to deal with things that can’t be hedged.

Strategic Treasury

UniCredit's Cash Management Products and Services

UniCredit offers a range of electronic banking tools designed to give you control over the management of your money – cross-border as well as cross-bank – in the most flexible way.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

The TMI Tax Doctor: Withholding Tax

Examining a practical solution to reducing the administrative burden of making double tax treaty claims in order to reduce/relieve the need to withhold tax on cross-border lending.

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