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Mattel – Making Working Capital Optimisation Kids’ Play

Like many global companies, Mattel is always seeking opportunities to improve its working capital efficiency. Its most recent move to better align the days sales outstanding (DSO) and days payable outstanding (DPO) is a world-class initiative. Read More ...


Money Market Funds Around the Globe - A ‘League Table’ of Market Features

HSBC has compiled a basic 'league table' of MMF features to illustrate some of the fund choices that are available and point out some of the factors that may be useful in understanding the difference between potential MMFs.

Financial Supply Chain

Taking Receivables to the Next Level

From cheques to direct debits and from mobile payments to high-value wires, receivables come in all shapes and sizes – and companies are focusing on all of these different instruments as they work to make their collections processes more efficient.

Cash & Liquidity Management
Deutsche Bank

The New Corporate Transaction Banking Landscape

Corporates win when banks efficiently support their core processes such as ordering, invoicing, accounting and working capital management. Here are five trends altering the nature of transaction banking.

Financial Technology

Enhancing Customer Experience by Automating the Cash Application Process

We look at how Owen Corning, a Fortune 500 company, supported its Customer Experience Transformation initiative with an Accounts Receivable project defined to automate their cash application process.

Strategic Treasury

Moving Forward Together

It’s no secret that banks are moving into a more complex regulatory environment. As the impact of regulatory change is becoming clearer, corporate and financial institution customers are increasingly asking, “What does this mean for me?”.

Country Focus

Poised for Competitive Advantage in the Middle East

A survey at a recent event found that 93% of participants believed that Middle East banks would capture a significantly larger portion of the transaction banking market in the region over the next decade.

Risk Management

Mitigating Risk in Latin America

Escrow services have a crucial role to play in helping multinationals to manage risk as they increase their business activities in Latin America.


A Pragmatic Approach to SEPA

SEPA brings both challenges and opportunities. While some of the theoretical advantages, such as reducing bank relationships, may be less realistic for some companies than others, this should not obscure the genuine advantages that SEPA can offer to multinational businesses.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

Can the New PSD Regulation Bring an Alternative to Cash Pooling?

Since the adaptation of the Payment Service Directive (PSD) in 2007, significant progress and integration of payments in the EU has been achieved.

Corporate Finance

What Will Go into Future Corporate Reports?

The current ‘corporate reporting’ model will have to change if it is to continue to be useful and usable by stakeholders, particularly if it is to meet new regulations.

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