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From Working Capital Products to Financial Supply Chain Solutions

While few individual products can genuinely offer the ‘win win’ that companies are seeking, a holistic approach to the financial supply chain can offer a ‘win’ for every participant - an essential characteristic of the supply chains of the future. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

Fluor Corporation Optimises Cash Management in Europe

Fluor have achieved considerable financial and operational efficiency through a series of transformational initiatives - including notional cash pooling and a SWIFT-based payments hub.

Corporate Finance

Bringing Group Treasury to the Business

Alstom works in four distinct business segments (each comprising a large number of subsidiaries operating globally) and therefore it was difficult to align cash and processes. We find out how the company addressed these challenges.


Marking the Start of a New Era with the SEPA End Date

Companies can now begin to turn their attention to leveraging the opportunities that SEPA presents, and participate in initiatives that explore future innovations for payments and collections.

Financial Supply Chain

When Treasury Meets Trade

The move away from letters of credit in recent years has combined with a greater focus on counterparty risk and cash flow, leading more corporations to take a comprehensive approach to treasury and trade.

Financial Technology

Treasury Reporting Made Easy

Putting forward the case for a treasury information platform, which acts as a lightweight and flexible reporting platform for the treasury department and reduces companies’ reliance on error-prone Excel-based solutions.


Developing a Post-Crisis Investment Strategy

After carrying out a 'root and branch' examination of its investment policy, Ahold Group's treasury department now favours alternative products over MMFs.

Risk Management

Risk Appetite: Fight or Flight?

The notion of an appetite for risk is something of a paradox in times of crisis. Generally speaking, no one likes risk; we all strive to limit it as much as possible. However, behind this notion is hidden the idea of determining a company’s profile.

Strategic Treasury

Gaining the Benefits of Renminbi Liberalisation

Careful planning and ongoing vigilance are essential in order to gain the benefits of renminbi internationalisation.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

Proxy Hedging

An ‘effective hedge’ both from an accounting as well as from an economical perspective, is one which tracks positions and weighs the real $ costs associated with hedging and also re-hedging (how could I get out of a position? Can the price be challenged etc.).

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