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Capitalising on the New Digital Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming one of the most exciting regions for investment, but implementing cash and liquidity management can be challenging. There are, however, ways in which these challenges can be overcome. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management Deutsche Bank

The New Corporate Transaction Banking Landscape

Corporates win when banks efficiently support their core processes such as ordering, invoicing, accounting and working capital management. Here are five trends altering the nature of transaction banking.


Triparty Repo: So Much Easier Than You Think

Although they have a reputation for being complex, triparty repos are actually one of the simplest forms of secured investments and can essentially be considered as a bank deposit backed by assets which are independently held and managed.

Financial Supply Chain

Navigating an Increasingly Regulated and Globalised Market

The increasingly globalised and regulated market environment has generated both new challenges and opportunities for global banks and their corporate clients.

Financial Technology

The Pros and Cons of Digital Currencies

While the benefits of using digital currencies may be appealing, the risks around security, payment beneficiary identification and currency volatility have raised concerns in the marketplace among consumers and businesses.

Strategic Treasury

My Life in Treasury: Irene Atkins, Specsavers

Irene shares her thoughts on the importance of personal and professional development, and the power of positive thinking, derived from a career that has spanned 35 countries and an enormous diversity of treasury activities.

Country Focus

CEE: A Region of Increasing Divergence

Following a strong start to 2014, challenges to growth are rising in Central and Eastern Europe but differentiation is of increasing importance.

Risk Management

Achieving Operational and Risk Management Excellence at Rand Water

Rand Water, the largest bulk water utility company in Africa, has a well-established centralised treasury function, but the company’s treasury requirements have changed considerably over recent years. In 2012, treasury embarked on a rigorous process to evaluate, select and implement a treasury …


A Pragmatic Approach to SEPA

SEPA brings both challenges and opportunities. While some of the theoretical advantages, such as reducing bank relationships, may be less realistic for some companies than others, this should not obscure the genuine advantages that SEPA can offer to multinational businesses.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

IFRS 9 Hedging - Was it Worth the Wait? (part two)

We take an in-depth look at hedging with options and forwards, the journal entries relating to hedge accounting under IFRS 9, alternatives to hedge accounting and transition and disclosure requirements.

Corporate Finance

Funding for Growth at BG Group

Over the past three years BG Group has entered a major investment phase and this resulted in substantial changes to the balance sheet. Consequently, the company had to devise and implement changes to its funding strategy.

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