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Participation, Engagement and Influence in the SWIFT Community

The corporate community, using SWIFT for bank communication, continues to grow, not only in the number of organisations involved, but also the influence over the definition and priority of new standards, solutions and services. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

Reducing Risk, Maximising Success in Critical International Payments

As companies of all sizes continue to expand their geographic footprint and engage in more complex activities in challenging markets, the scale and complexity of their international payment requirements is increasing.

Financial Supply Chain

PwC Asia Corporate Treasury Survey 2014: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Treasurers in Asia still have some work to do in the areas of systems, processes and people to transform the treasury in order to add more value to the business.

Risk Management

Are Treasurers Damaging Share Prices?

Managing FX risk is a very real and tangible issue: FX losses in 2013 amounted to $17.8bn amongst fewer than 850 multinationals. The Editor discusses the impact on EPS and the serious implications for the international corporate community.

Financial Technology

Treasurers on the Move

By freeing treasury and finance teams from their desks, simplify banking transactions and make business data richer and more accessible, the roadmap is drawn for smarter and more efficient companies.


Fuelling MMF Growth in Asia Pacific

The regulatory environment is having a big impact on corporate investors’ cash investment strategies in Asia Pacific, particularly in their use of money market funds (MMFs).


SEPA 2.0: Realising the Potential

In the first of a series of regulatory updates from PwC, corporate are advised to seize the potential of SEPA and not to wait for banks or regulators before going beyond basic compliance.

Corporate Finance

Funding for Growth at BG Group

Over the past three years BG Group has entered a major investment phase and this resulted in substantial changes to the balance sheet. Consequently, the company had to devise and implement changes to its funding strategy.

Strategic Treasury

The Role of Today's Treasurer

The two co-heads of global transaction banking at UniCredit discuss the challenges faced by treasurers every day.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

IFRS 9 Hedging - Was it Worth the Wait? (part two)

We take an in-depth look at hedging with options and forwards, the journal entries relating to hedge accounting under IFRS 9, alternatives to hedge accounting and transition and disclosure requirements.

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