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Participation, Engagement and Influence in the SWIFT Community

The corporate community, using SWIFT for bank communication, continues to grow, not only in the number of organisations involved, but also the influence over the definition and priority of new standards, solutions and services. Read more ...

Cash & Liquidity Management

Reducing Risk, Maximising Success in Critical International Payments

As companies of all sizes continue to expand their geographic footprint and engage in more complex activities in challenging markets, the scale and complexity of their international payment requirements is increasing.

Financial Supply Chain

Supply Chain Finance in Latin America: A New Era

Supply chain finance is finally taking hold in Latin America. Banks have successfully adapted their supply chain offerings to take account of the nature of relationships between buyers and suppliers in the region, and its legal and regulatory diversity.

Risk Management

Taking on International Supply Chain FX Risks

As the US economy continues to strengthen, many treasury teams are wisely reviewing established payment practices to allow them to take full advantage of new growth opportunities.

Financial Technology

Treasurers on the Move

When you free treasury and finance teams from their desks, simplify banking transactions and make business data richer and more accessible, the roadmap’s drawn for smarter and more efficient companies.


Triparty Repo: So Much Easier Than You Think

Although they have a reputation for being complex, triparty repos are actually one of the simplest forms of secured investments and can essentially be considered as a bank deposit backed by assets which are independently held and managed.


Marking the Start of a New Era with the SEPA End Date

Companies can now begin to turn their attention to leveraging the opportunities that SEPA presents, and participate in initiatives that explore future innovations for payments and collections.

Corporate Finance

My Life in Treasury: Karolina Tarnawska, Grupa Žywiec

In the latest installment of our series, 2012 TMI corporate award winner, Karolina Tarnawska of Grupa Žywiec (part of the Heineken Group), discusses how her career in treasury has progressed.

Strategic Treasury

A Pragmatic Approach to Managing Change

CarGarantie has been able to leverage the SEPA migration project to rationalise cash management banking relationships, simplify electronic banking and enhance cash and liquidity management across Europe.

Tax, Accounting & Legal

IFRS 9 Hedging - Was it Worth the Wait? (part one)

We outline the key changes to hedging under IAS 39, explain the new concepts introduced by IFRS 9 and, most importantly, look at what this means for treasurers.

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