HSBC Corporate Guidebook for Treasurers Evolving Treasury Trends

Today, more than ever, it is vital that businesses work with partners that truly understand the unique and evolving dynamics of their sector in the markets in which they do business. At HSBC, we partner with our clients across industries and markets, with an extensive on-the-ground network of senior bankers with an in-depth understanding of their sectors, providing a wide range of treasury solutions.

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Lance Kawaguchi, Managing Director, Global Head – Corporates, Global Liquidity and Cash Management, HSBC

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Collaboration Across Corporates


Lance Kawaguchi introduces this guidebook, which features a wealth of information that will help treasurers keep up to date with some of the most vital elements of their world today.

Digital Innovation in India: The Road Ahead

India is rapidly becoming a digitally-empowered society and economy, opening up new growth and efficiency opportunities for corporates along the way.

Digital India: A New Dawn for Treasury Management

With so much ‘noise’ around digital innovation, it can be difficult to filter out the trends and initiatives that truly matter. To help treasurers in India do just that, HSBC’s held a Digital Innovation and Transformation Forum, April 2018 in Mumbai.

On the Brink of a Cashless Society?

China seems to be on the verge of becoming a virtually cashless society. How will this rapid and profound shift in the way that people and businesses pay for goods and services affect corporate treasurers?

Being Open to Open Banking

HSBC has a new global strategy, is investing heavily in technology and is embracing open-architecture to help its clients in digital transformation.

Sustainability in Treasury: A View Beyond Financing

Treasuries have a responsibility to support the overall corporate sustainability strategy, but many may not realise that the organisations they deal with on a daily basis – their banks – can be a valuable source of information and assistance with this task.

OceanaGold: Future-Proofing Growth

Multinational gold producer OceanaGold needs a scalable, flexible, cash management and liquidity investment infrastructure. The advantages of having a single global banking relationship with HSBC have been underlined by the bank’s support for the company’s international M&A growth and more.

Latin American Cybersecurity: A Fast-Growth Priority

The recent cyber breach of five firms in Mexico and the USD15m exploitation of connections to the SPEI domestic payment system have placed a spotlight on Latin American cybersecurity. How can corporates and their treasuries prevent this sort of breach becoming commonplace?

AkzoNobel: A Journey with HSBC - Building a Strong Partnership

Since they began working together in 2007, AkzoNobel and HSBC have built a robust and trusted relationship. Core to the success of the relationship has been HSBC’s open approach, consistent engagement and innovative market-leading solutions.

Liquidity Management: A Whole New World

A rapidly changing environment is driving the need for treasuries to review, revise and futureproof their liquidity management. The good news is that this is now far less of a challenge than it would have been just a few years ago.

Global Liquidity: Faster, Deeper, Greater

Liquidity management is undergoing a period of major change. Liquidity is (re)circulating more quickly, major opportunities are emerging in ‘big data’ analysis and the global economy looks set to push liquidity levels higher.

Liquidity Management in Asia-Pacific: Change and Opportunity

One of the most fascinating aspects of liquidity management in Asia-Pacific today is its dynamic nature. However, these changes all present corporate treasurers with an interesting range of opportunities.

Liquidity Management: is Europe the new Asia?

A mixture of recent and forthcoming changes, including Brexit, bank ring fencing and the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), will make Europe a far more demanding environment for many treasurers over the next few years.

North American Liquidity: Change, Challenge, Opportunity

Over the past year, the interest rate in North America has been markedly different from that in regions such as Europe. The good news is that treasurers are not short of opportunities.

Liquidity Management Portal: Finance at Your Fingertips

HSBC's new Liquidity Management Portal can transform liquidity management for the better, both immediately and in the future, as well as supporting treasury's strategic participation.