Cash Management Guide to M&A for the Natural Resources & Utilities sector

Against the pressures of plummeting energy prices and competitive and geopolitical challenges on one hand, and the need to invest in efficient extraction techniques and sustainable energy on the other, corporates in the Natural Resources & Utilities sector have been quick to refocus and revitalise their corporate strategy in recent years.

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A Long-Term Partnership for M&A Success

Lance Kawaguchi offers an overview of the M&A landscape in the Natural Resources & Utilities sectors, and identify some of the key cash management issues that treasurers need to consider when embarking on an M&A integration or divestment project

The Implications of Global M&A for Corporate Treasury Teams

M&A activity in the natural resources and utilities sector is still running at exceptional levels - and these activity levels are expected to increase over the next few years. This inevitably raises considerable challenges in terms of post-M&A corporate treasury reorganisation, for both acquirers and disposers of assets.

CEPSA: Network, Trust, Integration, Client Service

CEPSA was facing a situation that is becoming increasingly commonplace for oil and gas companies. M&A activity results in an acquisition that must be integrated as efficiently as possible, as quickly as possible.

Oil and Gas M&A in Asia: Interesting Times for Treasury

The decline in oil prices has driven extensive M&A activity in Asia. While post-M&A integration planning is clearly desirable anywhere, in Asia the diversity of regulation and business practices adds additional complexity.

Oil and Gas M&A in MENA: Something Different

M&A activity has gained traction in MENA over the years, lead by oil and gas and with performance primarily driven by the favourable demographic profile of the region.

Europe - Plentiful Opportunities

Despite favourable conditions, actual European M&A activity in the National Resources & Utilities sector has been far below the levels many predicted, with several factors likely to be influencing this situation.

US Natural Resources and Utilities: High Activity, Hard Currency and Technology

US NRU companies currently benefit from US dollar strength that reduces the effective cost of overseas acquisitions. However, one challenge posed by this is the unfamiliarity of the environment in which some of these potential acquisitions operate.

Natural Resources and Utilities M&A Liquidity Management: Making a Smooth Transition

Addressing the resulting liquidity management challenges - both pre- and post-M&A - is a major element in determining the overall success of M&A activity.

Treasury Present and Future: Natural Resources and Utilities M&A

Natural Resources and Utilities (NRU) is currently one of the most dynamic sectors for M&A globally - but this has knock-on implications for NRU treasuries that need to be addressed both now and in the longer term.

AkzoNobel: A Journey with HSBC – Building a Strong Partnership

Core to the success of the relationship has been HSBC’s open approach, consistent engagement, insights on best practices, regulatory guidance and innovative market-leading solutions.