At SABB, we are proud of our market-leading Global Liquidity & Cash Management franchise where we continue to invest in technology and systems, ensuring our solutions remain market leading and digitally driven.

Our teams are multi facet and we have experts in solution design all the way up to implementation, we ensure this is all backed up with best in class dedicated Global Liquidity and Cash Management client services teams to ensure your business demands and queries are responded to in the most efficient way possible. Our state-of-the-art technology means that we can not only meet but exceed your expectations of setting up payments, collection and liquidity management solutions that will help you optimize working capital needs and allow you to employ the most advanced payment, collection and liquidity management vehicles/platforms possible. From simple payment solutions to complicated account structures, our teams have the experience, vision to engineer creative solutions meeting your local as well as global needs (where relevant) through our international partner i.e. The HSBC group.

SABB is well represented globally though our association with HSBC Group, and our regional/global leadership by leveraging of their presence & expertise positions us uniquely to provide market leading Global Liquidity and Cash Management solutions not only across Saudi Arabia but globally. We continue to invest heavily in our Global Liquidity and Cash Management business, people & technology, we are confident of not only meeting but exceeding your expectations.

Blazing a Transformation Trail:
Saudi Arabia's New Digital Frontier

As part of a blueprint for a better future, the Saudi government is implementing measures to create a digitally-transformed, diverse economy. For corporate treasurers operating in the kingdom, or considering expansion into the country, this new digital era offers exciting efficiency opportunities and the chance to shape a sustainable future.

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Liquidity Management

Manage your cash more efficiently and make it work harder with SABBs liquidity management services

Collection Management Service

Our cash collection services help you collect funds from your customers with the utmost of efficiency

Payment Management Services

Our payment services allow you to manage both your local and payroll commitments and carry out local & international transfers

Merchant - Point of Sale

Offer your customers an additional way to settle their bills and make payment processes easy with the SABB POS System