J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan Global Liquidity, a division of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, specializes in offering institutional investors a broad range of market-leading solutions designed to meet their investment needs globally. Ranging from liquidity to longer-term strategies with varying risk and return characteristics, our products are available as mutual funds, commingled funds or via custom separately managed accounts. They are available in a diverse array of currencies and jurisdictions across the globe. Clients of all sizes, including some of the world’s largest corporations and financial institutions, rely on J.P. Morgan to provide the security, flexibility and integrated global service necessary to manage liquidity and meet their ever changing business needs.

Build stronger liquidity strategies with J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Rigorous credit and risk management, combined with access to J.P. Morgan’s global resources and expertise, help us to deliver the most effective short-term fixed income solutions for our clients.

Global coordination, lasting partnerships

  • Harness the power of our research-driven, globally coordinated investment process, led by our dedicated team of liquidity professionals.
  • Make investment decisions based on actionable insights from our senior investors, and build portfolios based on the output of proprietary benchmarking tools.
  • Select from a breadth of outcome-oriented solutions designed to help you build the most effective cash strategy.
  • Tap into award-winning innovation and success of one of the world’s top liquidity fund managers, with over 30 years of demonstrated results across market cycles.

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