Regional Insights:
Africa's Digital Treasury Transformation

Africa is a continent of vast opportunity. But leveraging the African success story requires genuine insight into the disruptive trends that are helping to shape Africa's transformation.

Regional Insights: Africa's Digital Treasury Transformation

Treasury and Trade Insights on Africa

Corporate treasury in Africa can be looked at in parallels; in one lense it is a constant challenge to keep up with the regulatory changes, currency volatility and keeping abreast of the counterparty and sovereign challenges. From a different view, treasury must adapt and evolve amongst the significant clearing upgrades, instant payment initiatives and e-banking innovation that surpasses the rate of development and acceptance across most of the world.

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Unlocking Africa: Treasury Holds the Key

A recent Citi roundtable highlighted how treasury is evolving on both sides of the continent, and how treasurers can play a role in putting Africa firmly on the corporate map.

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