Head2Head with Bruce Meuli and Jonathon Traer-Clark

In this popular TMI series, leading global business solutions experts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bruce Meuli and Jonathon Traer-Clark, discuss their perspectives on how the role of corporate treasury is changing, with growing influence both across the business and at an executive level.

Head2Head: Aspects of Working Capital Management

Bruce and Jonathon discuss progress toward truly holistic working capital management and whether treasury teams should be harnessing today’s most advanced information technologies.

Head2Head: Listen Carefully…You May Learn Something

The latest Head to Head column highlights the importance of listening to your customers' feedback in order to build and sustain successful relationships.

Head2Head: Spice up Your (Treasury) Life

Two things that make treasury interesting and rewarding: relationships and change. BofAML look at how to spice up your treasury life while managing both.

Head2Head: Lost in Translation

This month’s Head to Head provides an original but welcome comparison of bank and corporate treasuries.

Head2Head: Risky Business

How can treasurers mitigate the impact and steer the business through risk events while delivering on the expectations of the board and the wider business?

Head2Head: Ethical Treasury

Increasingly, performance is measured not only in absolute terms, but also in how a company does business. How best can treasurers balance day-to-day demands and obligations with being a socially responsible organisation?

Head2Head: The New Generation of In-House Banks

For the treasury function, financial flows across multiple borders and subsidiaries present not just opportunities, but potential headaches. Are in-house banks the answer?

Head2Head: Using Technology to Keep One Step Ahead

With so many technology solutions to choose from, how does today’s treasurer make the right choice that positions their business for success?

Head2Head: A United Approach to Tackling Fraud and Cybercrime

Just as the means of transacting payments have evolved, so too have the risks: cybercrime, for example, is now widely cited as a primary risk to the global economy. But how far has digitisation really changed fraud?

Head2Head: The Promise and Reality of Innovation

Peer-to-peer lending, monetising data and more recently, digital payments, are amongst the buzzwords for today’s treasurer, but what questions and opportunities do such broad innovations present?

Head2Head: Maximising the Value of ‘MADS’ Transactions

In this edition of our Head2Head series, Bruce and Jonathon discuss M&A, together with divestments and spin-offs.

Head2Head: Taking a Leap - A New Era of Banking Relationships

Jennifer Boussuge joins Head2Head regulars Bruce Meuli and Jonathon Traer-Clark to discuss the changing value of corporate-bank relationships.

Head2Head: A Balance of Economic and Process Efficiency

This edition of our Head2Head series focuses on the importance of working capital management and highlights some of the challenges, both operational and strategic.

Head2Head: Succeeding in International Treasury

The ability to work with both internal & external counterparties and subsidiaries across the company’s footprint has become an essential skillset.

Head2Head: Agility and Flexibility in a Changing Landscape

In this new TMI series, two global business solutions experts discuss their perspectives on how the role of corporate treasury is changing, with growing influence across the business and at an executive level.