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TMI Awards 2010 for Innovation and Excellence (Part 4) We are delighted to announce the winners of the TMI Awards 2010 for Innovation and Excellence. Part 4 details the winners of our Professional Awards and Technology Awards. To view the TMI Awards 2010 supplement in full please visit our Supplements section or visit the following URL: http://www.treasury-management.com/articles.php?pubid=4&issueid=182


PwC is one of the world’s leading professional services firms. Our Corporate Treasury Solutions team is composed of more than 500 dedicated consultants worldwide. This is the 10th consecutive occasion on which PwC has won this particular award. 

Sebastian di Paola, Partner in charge of PwC’s Treasury Consulting practice, comments: “We are extremely proud of this success. Ten in a row is quite an achievement, and we  want to take the opportunity to thank our clients around the world for the trust they place in us and for making this success possible. The whole team is committed to continuing our efforts to provide you with the best possible client service, thought leadership and innovative solutions, hopefully for many years to come”.

Corporate Treasury Solutions at PwC

A valued treasury

PwC helps clients create the value they’re looking for. Our Corporate Treasury Solutions practice has a global network of experienced professionals focused exclusively on working with you to build a treasury that will deliver shareholder value and enable management across the whole business to make the right financial decisions.

Tailored solutions for your unique needs

We believe that every treasury is unique. Each has to deliver against different strategic objectives, are all at different stages of maturity and all operate in different, sometimes difficult, corporate cultures. We use our experience and expertise to assess each treasury’s efficiency, frequently benchmarking standard processes. But for solutions to have maximum, sustainable impact they must be built around an understanding of what makes your treasury unique, so we tailor our solutions to suit your particular needs.

Access to a comprehensive range of specialists

Your businesses’ financial needs are varied and complex requiring specialists from a range of technical backgrounds. Our treasury professionals ensure you have access to the right specialist as you need them. Get commercial insight from ex-practitioners from leading corporations, international banks and system vendors. Tap into global expertise in treasury (including policy, processes, cash and financial supply chain management, commodity risk and financial risk, systems selection and implementation) and beyond (accounting, tax and corporate finance). Know that our change management specialists will help make your plans a reality.

Creating the value you’re looking for

Whether you want more transactional efficiency, increased financial value and flexibility, enhanced financial skills in the organisation to support the management agenda or active strategic input, we will work with you to build a Treasury that delivers on your objectives. 

We will help you enhance shareholder value by optimising the capital structure to reduce costs of funds, we’ll optimise your financial risk profile to improve risk return and secure earnings and cash flow, and we’ll help you bring your skills across your whole business to improve margins.    

If you want to do more with your treasury to identify, realise or create value for your business as a whole, please contact your local PwC treasury partner or one of our regional leaders:

Sebastian di Paola (Europe)+41 58 792 9603

Shyam Venkat (Americas)+1 646 471 8296 

Robert Vettoretti (Asia Pacific)+86 21 2323 3223 


Stephen Weston and Ben Moseley, Deloitte tax partners, are delighted to receive the Best Tax Adviser award from TMI magazine, on behalf of the tax treasury team. 

Stephen Weston commented: “We’re really pleased to receive this award, particularly as it is voted for by the people we work with day-to-day. We feel that our unique blend of treasury, accounting and tax knowledge, together with our practical experience and insight, enables us to mitigate risks, enhance efficiencies, and address an entire spectrum of tax and treasury issues for our clients.

“The tax treatment of treasury transactions is vital to their overall efficiency, and the continual changes in the relevant accounting and tax rules mean that heads of tax and treasury face a constant challenge to stay up to date with ‘best practice’ – this is where we believe we can add value.”

Ben Moseley added: “Financial and treasury risk management continues to grow in importance, and cover a wider set of exposures, and we understand the need to constantly evolve to enable us to provide valuable advice. For example, an ability to converse in the language of treasury instruments and tools is critical if you want to be a credible adviser. 

“During 2010 we worked with a significant number of the top 350 listed UK groups and many more large private and non-UK groups, assisting in the tax treasury aspects of many high profile transactions and providing day-to-day advice on all manner of treasury scenarios.”

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