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TMI Awards 2010 for Innovation and Excellence (Part 1) We are delighted to announce the winners of the TMI Awards 2010 for Innovation and Excellence. This year we are pleased to present 50 Awards to banks and professional service providers, as well as 6 special Corporate Recognition Awards. Now in their twelfth year, our Awards are particularly valued by those who receive them, and these pages celebrate the achievements of the banks, vendors and suppliers who have delivered real value to their corporate customers. Part 1 includes an introduction to the Awards by the CEO of TMI, Robin Page, and Helen Sanders, Editor of TMI, and details the winners of our Corporate Recognition Awards. To view the TMI Awards 2010 supplement in full please visit our Supplements section or visit the following URL: http://www.treasury-management.com/articles.php?pubid=4&issueid=182

TMI Awards 2010 for Innovation and Excellence

I am delighted to introduce our annual Awards for Innovation and Excellence, now in their twelfth year and once again providing a clear indication of how  banking, technical and professional services are rated by our corporate treasurer readership. This year we have made 50 Awards, including for the second year those in the increasingly important category of Best Bank - SWIFT for Corporates, which has been the subject of many of the most informative and interesting articles carried by TMI during the past year. The financial supply chain is also recognised for the second year, and this too is a subject which  has provided much food for thought and discussion in our pages.

Although the financial global crisis is receding, it is far from over and treasurers around the world are still fraught with anxieties about what lies ahead; a recent Business Confidence Survey by J. P. Morgan Treasury Services, featured in TMI edition 188, showed that the difficulty of forecasting cash flows is treasurers’ biggest concern, even ahead of the state of the economy itself. While we cannot provide a crystal ball we can, and do, offer first-class articles from experts in many treasury-related fields whose sound and practical advice we know to be greatly valued by our readers in many countries. As the sands of the financial landscape continue to shift, we take a justifiable pride in being able to bring you some signposts, both in the physical pages of the magazine and, increasingly, in online versions including our new and very popular iPad App, sponsored by Deutsche Bank.

The awards will be presented at a ceremony in London in January: meanwhile all of us at TMI  would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who took the time and trouble to vote, and sending all our readers  our very best wishes for 2011.   

Robin Page, Chief Executive


Corporate Recognition Awards

This is my favourite edition of the year as with true Christmas spirit, we recognise the individuals and organisations that have made a special contribution to the profession. In the case of banks and providers, this typically means that they are consistently delivering innovative solutions that exceed their customers’ expectations, and have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction.

In the case of the Corporate Recognition Awards, these reflect those companies and individuals who are leading the treasury profession by pioneering new techniques and concepts with proven success.In this section, I am delighted to present the 2010 Corporate Recognition Awards, which this year are generously sponsored by ING, and invite you to refer to the winners’ articles that have appeared in TMI during the course of the year.   

Helen Sanders, Editor

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