Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD)

Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD)

ICD Portal is the leading independent solution for trading, reporting and analytics of institutional money market funds and other short-term investments. Since its inception in 2003, ICD has made an uncompromising commitment to delivering superior products and extraordinary service to its clients.

COVID-19 Information and Resources

Over the past 17 years, ICD has been working side-by-side with its clients and partners through difficult market events. We've created new technologies to ensure transparency (Transparency Plus), expanding investment product sets and access to markets and have designed intuitive workflows to make work easy and efficient. Our foundation has always been, and remains, outstanding client service. We are here for all our clients as the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold and are doing everything we can to ensure the continuity of our business and your business.

ICD has pulled together the information you need to know about ICD and the market into one place. Feel free to access the content here, and check back often as we will continuously update this page with new information.

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Reclaiming time spent on low-value transaction processing shifts your focus to more strategic activities, such as analysis, risk management, and performance. Find out how a portal for short-term investments can make a difference in your treasury organization with:

  • Onboarding
  • Operations
  • Settlement
  • Transactions
  • Intergration

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