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When corporate treasury organizations need a change for the better, they can count on ION Treasury, a division of ION, the largest provider of treasury and risk management solutions in the world.

With over 40% of ION’s employees dedicated to continuous product innovation, treasuries everywhere get what they need, when they need it. ION Treasury helps companies automate cash management, liquidity management, risk management, hedge accounting and compliance. So, no matter where you are in your digital journey, we’ve got you covered.


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Treasury and risk management solutions

No treasury organization’s digital journey is the same. That’s why ION offers distinct treasury management systems from basic to advanced, from on premises to cloud. Find out more about our portfolio of leading treasury products and innovative tools and services that span across the entire solution set.

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Product Fact Sheets

Wallstreet Suite is an enterprise treasury and risk management solution designed for the world’s largest and most complex organizations. It is a highly configurable and scalable solution, offering multi-entity support and real-time information across all asset classes. It also provides advanced analytics for business decision-making and key performance measurement.

Reval is the leading SaaS solution for enterprise treasury and risk management. It helps companies better manage cash, liquidity and financial risk, and account for and report on complex financial instruments and hedging activities. Reval is highly scalable, comprehensive and integrated, leveraging the power of its partner community to deliver a seamless user experience.

IT2 is a highly-configurable treasury and risk management system, offering a superior visual user experience. Built for the comprehensive needs of international treasury operations, IT2 provides an integrated framework for treasury policy, processes and performance. The treasury software easily integrates into third-party systems.

City Financials is a pre-configured treasury and risk management system designed around standard treasury practices and is delivered securely within a private cloud. It is a cost-effective solution for large, multinational corporations with centralized treasuries in need of a strong, standardized control environment.

ITS is a treasury and risk management system for companies based in German-speaking Europe. With broad and deep capabilities specialized to the region across cash, payments, risk and accounting, ITS meets the needs of treasury organizations from basic to complex. It is available as an on premises or private cloud solution.

Treasura is a simple to use, SaaS cash and liquidity management system that is cost-effective and easy to implement. Built on industry best practices, Treasura is ideal for mid-market companies transitioning from in-house systems, bank portals or spreadsheets. It streamlines internal processes, improves cash visibility and financial controls.

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Treasury Anywhere

With Treasury Anywhere, ION’s device agnostic treasury application, teams can access information from their ION treasury management system at any time, using any device they have on hand – mobile, tablet, laptop, PC – to act fast. Treasury Anywhere extends key financial controls beyond the desktop, empowering treasury teams with up-to-date cash and payment information for effective decision making, on the move.

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