The global leader in Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) software

For two decades, OpenLink has provided leading-edge technology solutions to an increasingly diverse client base. Building on our pioneering development of cross-asset trading and risk management products for energy and financial services companies, we now offer a suite of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of clients within three broad categories:

  • Financial Services
    • Buy-side Institutions,  Sell-side Institutions, Government
  • Commodities
    • Agriculture, Food & Beverage / CPG, Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals, Metals
  • Energy
    • Crude & Refined, NGLs, Natural Gas, Coal, Power

With hundreds of established clients, OpenLink's technologies are the preferred solution among leading energy and commodity companiesfinancial services firmsmultinational corporationspublic utilitieshedge funds and central banks.

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