Money Market Funds 2008

Inside Issue Money Market Funds 2008

Special Feature

  • Money Market Funds: A liquid asset in volatile markets
    by Donald Aiken, FCIBS Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Investment Management Ltd
  • The Time is Now for Money Market Funds
    by Helen Sanders, Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)
  • Cash as a Strategic Asset
    by Steven Everett, Director of Balance Sheet Assets and David Rothon, Cash and Short-duration Porfolio Manager, both Northern Trust
  • Boosting Returns with UK Prime Mortgage-Backed-Securities
    by Matthew Tatnell, Manager, Sterling Liquidity Fund and Sterling Enhanced Liquidity Fund, Morley
  • Multi-fund Portals: Meeting the needs of sophisticated investors in a complex world
    by Justin Meadows, Head of Business Development, MyTreasury Ltd
  • Why Risk Volatile Returns When You Can Generate Stable Cash Returns
    by Adrian Grey, Head of Fixed Income, Insight Investment
  • The Growth of Government MMFs
    by Connie Bugbee, Managing Editor, iMoneyNet
  • Constant Net Asset Value MMFs and the Financial Crisis
    by Kathryn Kerle, Vice President - Senior Credit Officer, Moody's Investors Service