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Money Market Funds 2008

Money Market Funds 2008

Regular readers of TMI's annual Money Market Funds Guides will have witnessed the almost meteoric rise in the popularity and acceptance of money market funds (MMFs), growing from US domestic instruments to widely accpeted liquidity instruments in other parts of the world, particularly Europe; or, as we described it this time last year, American Idol to Global Superstar. As we are all very well aware, the financial markets have changed unrecognisably since last year's Guide was published.

Special Feature

 Money Market Funds: A liquid asset in volatile markets

by Donald Aiken, FCIBS Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Investment Management Ltd

 The Time is Now for Money Market Funds

by Helen Sanders, Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)

 Cash as a Strategic Asset

by Steven Everett, Director of Balance Sheet Assets and David Rothon, Cash and Short-duration Porfolio Manager, both Northern Trust

 Boosting Returns with UK Prime Mortgage-Backed-Securities

by Matthew Tatnell, Manager, Sterling Liquidity Fund and Sterling Enhanced Liquidity Fund, Morley

 Multi-fund Portals: Meeting the needs of sophisticated investors in a complex world

by Justin Meadows, Head of Business Development, MyTreasury Ltd

 Why Risk Volatile Returns When You Can Generate Stable Cash Returns

by Adrian Grey, Head of Fixed Income, Insight Investment

 The Growth of Government MMFs

by Connie Bugbee, Managing Editor, iMoneyNet

 Constant Net Asset Value MMFs and the Financial Crisis

by Kathryn Kerle, Vice President - Senior Credit Officer, Moody's Investors Service

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