Articles > Special Supplements > Going Global, Going Digital - A Treasurer's Guide

Going Global, Going Digital - A Treasurer's Guide

Going Global, Going Digital - A Treasurer's Guide

International expansion is a common strategy for European corporates and when negotiating new and unfamiliar markets two things are essential: an experienced guiding hand and harnessing the correct digital technology.

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Best Practice Articles

 Seeing Cash More Clearly with UniCredit

Marco Bigatti, Group Treasurer & Chief Accounting Officer, Luxottica Group with Massimiliano Cirelli, Vice President, Cash Management International Sales Expert Italy, UniCredit

 Improving Performance through Treasury Innovation at Geox

by Federica Vello, Treasury Manager, Geox S.p.A.

 An Importer’s View: Efficiency and Differentiation Make a Compelling Case for the BPO

An interview with Stefanie Stanzel, Vice President Commercial, Polytrade Global GmbH

Thought Leadership

 Going Global, Going Digital

Gianfranco Bisagni, Co-Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, UniCredit

 Brexit: So Far, the Costs Are All to the UK

by Erik F. Nielsen, Group Chief Economist and Head of CIB Research, UniCredit

 Bitcoin and Blockchain

by Sven Korschinowski, Partner, and Johannes Nöbel CFA, Financial Services Consultant, KPMG Germany

 Fintech – Partners or Competitors? A New Generation in Banking

by Claudio Camozzo and Jan Kupfer, Global Co-Heads of Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit

 Technology Innovation at the Heart of Transaction Banking

by Thomas Dolenga, Head of Cash Management Products, Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit

 Supporting Clients on their African Journey

by Christian Nägele, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office, UniCredit

 A Transatlantic Partnership

by Martin Marsmann, Head of Global Transaction Banking Americas, UniCredit

 The Prospering Trade Relationship between Europe and Asia

by Holger Frank, Head of Financial Institutions Group and Global Transaction Banking Asia, UniCredit

 Reinforcing Transaction Banking in the UK

by George Stein, Head of Global Transaction Banking UK, UniCredit

 Digital Trade Finance Solutions: Not Just for Large and Multinational Corporates

by Raphael Barisaac, Head of Trade Products, Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit

 Supply Chain Finance for Working Capital Advantage

by Adeline de Metz, Head of Supply Chain Finance Solutions, Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit

 Depositary Banks Need Common Standards for Effective Due Diligence

by Susanna Scheffold, Head of Global Securities Services, Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit

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