The SEB Guide to Working Capital 2013

Inside Issue The SEB Guide to Working Capital 2013

Special Feature

  • SEB Guide to Working Capital 2013 - Introduction
    Lars Millberg, Head of Global Transaction Services, SEB Merchant Banking
  • Industry: Retail - A Komplett Approach to Working Capital Enhancement
    An SEB Case Study
  • Industry: Professional Services - Efficient Treasury Management in the Professional Services Industry
    Bo Jansson, Senior Vice President, Sweco
  • Industry: Consumer Products - Changing Culture and Behaviour to Optimise Working Capital
    Allan Kristoffersen, Group Treasurer, Royal Unibrew
  • Industry: Transport - Factoring Solutions for Working Capital Optimisation
    Andre Bloemen, Head of Treasury & Structured Finance, Bombardier Transportion
  • Industry: Mining & Metallurgy - Leveraging Trade Finance for Working Capital Optimisation
    Markku Honkasalo, Chief Financial Officer, Rautaruukki Corporation