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Corporate Treasury in France 2012

Corporate Treasury in France 2012

We speak to a selection of treasury professionals about contemporary treasury management in France, examine what the SEPA migration deadline means to companies in France, and Hermès talk to us about personal digital signatures.

This supplement is produced in co-operation with the Association Française des Trésoriers d'Entreprise (AFTE).

Best Practice Articles

 Security and Standardisation with 3SKey

Philippe Bouchard, Group Treasurer, Hermès, and Stephanie Niemi, Channels Marketing, BNP Paribas Cash Management

Thought Leadership

 Interview: Hugh Weston-Smith, Sphere

Hugh Weston-Smith, Financial Director, Sphere

 Interview: Frédéric Bernet, Sequana

Frédéric Bernet, Director of Finance and Treasury, Sequana

 Money Market Funds and Credit Research

Mark Stockley, Managing Director and Head of International Cash Sales, BlackRock

 Interview: Eric Bosdonnat, La Poste

Eric Bosdonnat, Finance and Treasury Manager, La Poste

 Interview: Bruno Capron, Lagardère Active

Bruno Capron, Director of Treasury, Financing and Insurance, Lagardère Active

 Interview: Jean-Claude Courtois, Altran Technologies

Jean-Claude Courtois, Treasurer, Altran Technologies group

 Grasping the SEPA Opportunity

Cédric Derras, Head of Cash Management Corporates, Deutsche Bank France

 Interview: Gérard Rameix, National Credit Mediator

Gérard Rameix, National Credit Mediator

 Interview: Philippe Soulenq, Technip

Philippe Soulenq Joint Director of the Group Treasury, Technip

 Liborgate - One Scandal Too Many


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