A Treasurer's Guide to Hedge Accounting

Inside Issue A Treasurer's Guide to Hedge Accounting

Special Feature

  • Fair Valuation Takes Centre Stage
    Jiro Okochi, Chief Executive Officer
  • Managing Financial Risk during Market Turbulence
    An interview with Wayne Read, Partner, Financial Risk Management, KPMG
  • 39 Steps: Behind the Curtain
    Francois Masquelier, Head of Treasury, Corporate Finance and ERM, RTL Group, and Honorary Chairman, EACT
  • Market Volatility and Financial Covenants
    Stephen Walter, Structurer, Commerzbank Corporates and Markets
  • A Year in Risk Management
    Ashish Advani, Director, Derivatives, Royal Caribbean International
  • A Practical Approach to Risk Management at Microsoft
    An Interview with Patrick Boyer, Group Manager, Treasury Controllers Group, Microsoft Treasury
  • When is a Derivative Not a Derivative?
    Mark Kirkland, Vice President Treasury, Bombardier Transportation
  • Ensuring Compliance in Hedge Accounting at RSA
    Daniel Ferguson, Treasury Manager, Group Corporate Centre, RSA
  • From US GAAP to IFRS - Treasurers Beware
    Sebastian di Paola, Partner and Michiel Mannaerts, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers SA, Switzerland
  • Debt Simplification and Increased Risk Complexity at Mitsubishi Corporation Finance PLC
    Alnoor Visram, General Manager - Finance and Operations, Mitsubishi Corporation Finance PLC
  • Perspectives from Asia: Corporate Risk Management
    Ben Higgin, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hong Kong
  • Commodity Hedging in Europe
    Francois Masquelier, Head of Treasury, Corporate Finance & ERM, RTL Group and Honorary Chairman EACT
  • Commodity Risk Management: Time for Action?
    Olivier Cattoor and Olivier Kaczmarek, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Belgium
  • FX Hedging at Hunting PLC
    Christopher Berris, Assistant Group Treasurer
  • IFRS and Weather Risks: Now is the Time
    Jean-Louis Bertrand, Professor of Finance, ESSCA