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US Cash Management 2008

US Cash Management 2008

The Treasurer is on the front line when it comes to keeping the company solvent, and for all the recent expansion of Treasury horizons and a range of new functions enthusiastically embraced, when push comes to shove it is liquidity which must be at the forefront of his mind. This Guide describes some of the coping strategies that American corporates are using.

Special Feature

 Rapid Returns in Receivables

by Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI

Best Practice Articles

 As Time Goes By


 The Bombardier/Deutsche Bank Partnership

by Debra Hinds, Global Cash Management, Bombardier Inc. and Ali Agha, Corporate Cash Management Sales Manager and Americas Head of Asia Desk, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank

 The New Look of Liquidity Management in the U.S.

by Dave Robertson, Partner, Financial Institutions Practice, Treasury Strategies, Inc.


 Guardians of the Corporate Cash

by Robin Page, Chief Executive, TMI

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