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TMI 中国 第十四期

TMI 中国 第十四期

TMI China is published in association with the IACCT (China) and the China CFO Association (CACFO).

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Special Feature

 财务主管的看法:集中化 (The Treasurer's Voice: Centralisation)

编辑 - Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI

 财务主管的看法:银行关系 (The Treasurer's Voice: Bank Relationships)

编辑 - Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI

Best Practice Articles

 艰难抉择 (Making the Tough Choices)

Karin Amacher—力拓集团现金管理部财务主管, Oliver Wolfensberger—力拓集团财资运营部全球主管

 进一步改善银企连接 (Achieving the Next Level in Streamlined Connectivity)

美根美林案例研究 - A Bank of America Merrill Lynch Case Study

 从运营效率到战略价值:发挥财务部的潜能 (From Operational Efficiencies to Strategic Value: Realising Treasury’s Potential)

Jean Furter - 博科通讯系统公司副总裁暨财务主管

 优化分散型跨国企业的现金管理 (Streamlining Cash Management in a Decentralised Global Company)

Marco Schuchmann - 阿克苏诺贝尔集团财务运作及支付平台主管

Thought Leadership

 泛欧银行关系 (A Pan European Banking Relationship

Hans van der Meulen - Syncreon计划财务及税务副总裁, Raluca Dusa - 财务助理

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Jim Benham, ACT

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