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TMI 中国 第十一期

TMI 中国 第十一期

TMI China is published in association with the IACCT (China) and the China CFO Association (CACFO).

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Special Feature

  应收账款风险的统计方法 (A Statistical Approach to Receivables Risk)

编辑 - Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI

 了解单一欧元支付区 (Delay the Yacht, Get on Board with SEPA)

编辑 - Helen Sanders, Editor

Best Practice Articles

 在亚洲进行资金管理改革 (Cash Management Transformation in Asia)

Peter van Rood—阿克蘇諾貝爾企業財務主管 - Peter van Rood, Corporate Director, Treasury, AkzoNobel

 流程、技术和人才:一个财务总监的非洲经验 (Process, Technology and Skills: The Experience of a CFO in Africa)

Nelly Akoth - IBM撒哈拉以南非洲地区财务总监- Nelly Akoth, Chief Financial Officer, IBM Sub-Saharan Africa

 康宁公司财务部:同业最佳 (Corning’s Treasury: Best in Class)

Bengt Elvinsson—康宁公司财务部全球运作副主管 - Bengt Elvinsson, Assistant Treasurer Global Operations, Corning Incorporated

 财务部:分散型企业中的价值创造者 (Treasury as Value Creator in a Decentralised Company)

Laurent Hendrickx—佳殿工业集团欧洲财务主管 - Laurent Hendrickx, European Treasurer, Guardian Industries Corp.

 对冲决策 (Making the Decision to Hedge)

Renato Pestana—TNT股份有限公司美洲及亚洲区财务经理 - Renato Pestana, Regional Treasury Manager, TNT NV

 财务主管也应成为技术专家 (Treasurer as Technologist)

Maciej Müldner—瑞典斯堪雅建筑集团(波兰)分公司财务主管 - Maciej Müldner, Treasurer, Skanska Poland

Thought Leadership

 亚洲财务新面貌 (Brave New Treasury)

Maneesh Goel—美银美林集团产品管理副总裁 - Maneesh Goel, Vice President, Product Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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