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TMI 中国 第十期

TMI 中国 第十期

TMI China is published in association with the IACCT (China) and the China CFO Association (CACFO).

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Special Feature

 为印度的未来肩负起责任 (Taking Responsibility for India's Future)

编辑 - Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI

 凭借欧洲业务优势,拓展现金管理服务 (With You Across Europe)

——法国巴黎银行行政总裁Baudouin Prot 在2010年现金管理论坛上的开幕词(节选) - Baudouin Prot, C

 将现金作为企业资产来管理 (Managing Cash as a Corporate Asset)

Ernie Caballero UPS欧亚财务与并购部副总裁 - Ernie Caballero, Vice President, Eurasia Treasury and M&A, UPS

 利用人才和技术创造价值 (Leveraging People and Technology for Value Creation)

Srinivasan Varadarajan - 印度Bharat Petroleum Limited企业融资部执行董事- Srinivasan Varadarajan, Executive Director - Corporate Finance, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, India

 聚散离合:成功的资金运作 (Home and Away: Making Your Cash Work)

Roundtable chaired by Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI

Best Practice Articles

 部署新技术,实现集团战略 (Implementing Technology to Achieve Group Strategy)

人頭馬君度集團財務主管 - Luc Vlaminck, Group Treasurer, Rémy Cointreau

 明日财务技术 (Technology for Tomorrow’s Treasury)

Matthew Caunt - easyJet财务会计 Paul Phillips - easyJet集团财务主管- Matthew Caunt, Treasury Accountant, and Paul Phillips, Group Treasurer, easyJet

 共享服务,共庆成功 (Shared Services for Shared Success)

Lynton Williams - 西门子(英国)财会部信贷服务科 - Lynton Williams, Head of A&F Credit Services, GSS Siemens plc, UK

Thought Leadership

 供应链融资: 银行信贷和供应商风险管理以外的另类选择 (Supply Chain Financing: An Alternative to Bank Lendi

Roundtable chaired by Sebastian di Paola, Partner, Corporate Treasury Solutions Group, PwC


Martijn, Stoker (马丁,斯托克) Global Head, Liquidity Management Products(环球主任, 流动资金管理产品) Transaction Banking(交易银&

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