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TMI 中国 第七期

TMI 中国 第七期

TMI China is published in association with the IACCT (China) and the China CFO Association (CACFO).

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Special Feature

 别再找借口:投资、安装和创新 (No More Excuses: Invest, Implement and Innovate)

编辑 - Helen Sanders, Editor

Best Practice Articles

 应用财务政策:危机期间的融资 (Applying Treasury Policies - Financing during the crisis)

覧专访阿克苏诺贝尔集团财务主管Peter van Rood之二 - Interview #2 with Peter van Rood, Group Treasurer, AkzoNobel

 优化财务管理技术框架 (Optimising the Treasury Technology Framework)

覧专访阿克苏诺贝尔集团财务主管Peter van Rood与财务总监Johan van der Westhuizen之三 - Interview #3 with Peter van Rood, Group Trea

 集中化、可见度与控制力:不确定时期的相关策略 (Strategies for Centralisation, Visibility, and Control in Uncertain Times)

Aviapartner集团财务主管暨信贷经理 - Mike Ballet, Group Treasurer and Credit Manager, Aviapartner Holding NV

Thought Leadership

 在财资管理新纪元寻找战略优势 (Seeking Strategic Advantage in a New Era of Treasury Management)

Erik Seifert覧SEB全球现金管理主管 David Teare覧SEB全球客户关系管理主管 - Eric Seifert, Global Head of Cash Management, and David Teare, Global Hea

 评估信用和交易对手风险 (Evaluating Credit and Counterparty Risk)

Kathleen Hughes覧摩根资产管理欧洲、中东及非洲区环球流动性主管 - Kathleen Hughes, Head of Global Liquidity for EMEA, J.P. Mo

 当今的重要事项(六):集中化与合理化 (What Matters Today #6: Centralisation & Rationalisation)

Andy Ponsford覧J.P. 摩根财资部欧洲、中东及非洲区现金产品管理主管 Seamus Desouza覧J.P. 摩根财资%

 风险偏好:你渴望风险吗? (Risk Appetite: Are You Hungry for Risk?)

Fran輟is Masquelier覧RTL集团企业融资及财务部主管暨EACT名誉主席 - Fran輟is Masquelier, Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury, RTL Group, and Honorary Cha

 从西方到东方 (From West to East)

纪勤覧汇丰控股有限公司集团行政总裁 - Michael Geoghegan, Chief Executive, HSBC Holdings plc

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