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TMI 中国 第三期

TMI 中国 第三期

TMI China is published in association with the IACCT (China) and the China CFO Association (CACFO).

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Special Feature

 亚洲的银企连接 (Asian Connections)

Helen Sanders覧编辑 - Helen Sanders, Editor

 利用SAP和SWIFT优化 财资管理 (Leveraging SAP and SWIFT for Treasury Optimisation)

三星电子有限公司(Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)是全球半导体、电信、数字媒体和数字融&#

 阿尔卡特-朗讯 的全球支付策略 (A Global Payments Strategy at Alcatel-Lucent)

Xavier Hourseau覧阿尔卡特-朗讯公司信息系统与运作部主管 - Xavier Hourseau, Director, Information Systems and Operations Alcatel-Lucent

 SWIFT在英特尔 财务资金投资中 的运用 (SWIFT for Treasury Investments at Intel)

Don Davis覧 英特尔财资管理部 - Don Davis, Intel Treasury

 词汇表 (三) 资金及财资管理 (Talking Treasury)

Best Practice Articles

 驾驭经济衰退 及CFO的作用 (The CFO's role in navigating the downturn)

Richard Dobbs、Massimo Giordano与Felix Wenger - Richard Dobbs, Massimo Giordano, and Felix Wenger

 乐购公司采用新型系统框架 (A New Systems Framework at Tesco plc)

Chris Rowland覧乐购集团财务会计 Dave Chesney 和 Nigel Raymont覧汇丰银行 - Dave Chesney, Senior Vice President, Regional Sales, Global Payments and Cash Management, Europe, HSBC

Thought Leadership

 亚洲视点: 企业风险管理 (Perspectives from Asia: Corporate Risk Management)

Ben Higgin覧普华永道(香港)董事 - Ben Higgin, Director, PicewaterhouseCoopers, Hong Kong

 天气风险: 不能再置之不理 (IFRS and Weather Risks: Now is the Time)

Jean-Louis Bertrand覧昂杰高等商学院(ESSCA)金融学教授、巴黎欧洲金融市场协会气候

 及时反应与负责态度: 危机对亚洲的影响 (Responsiveness and Responsibilty: The Effects of the Crisis in Asia)

专访汇丰环球投资管理有限公司董事暨亚太区机构业务部主管Patrice Conxicoeur - TMI Interviews


 挨过牛年 (Surviving the Year of the Ox)

David Tsoi覧摩根大通亚太区全球贸易服务部全球供应链经理 - David Tsoi, Global Supply Chain Manager, Asia-Pacific Global Trade Servi

 编辑主任报告 (Chairman's Letter)

Alex Koh, Chairman, TMI China

 IACCT主席的话 (Message from IACCT Chairman)

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