Issue 125 - Feb - March 2004

Inside Issue Issue 125 - Feb - March 2004

Special Feature

  • Production Line
    by Jane Attwood, Commissioning Editor, TMI
  • Executive Briefing
  • Corporate Securitisation
    by Keiron Root, Editorial Consultant, TMI
  • Driving to Success via Securitisation
    by Jochen Stich, Group Treasurer, Porsche Holding GmbH

Best Practice Articles

  • Payment Factories and Shared Service Centres. Options and opportunities
    by Tony de Caux, Chief Executive, BRC Consulting Services Ltd

Thought Leadership

  • The Emergence of the Financial Supply Chain
    by Jon Abolins, Vice President of Tax & Government Affairs, Velosant, LP
  • The Shared Service Centre Making it Work
    by Simon Newton, Vice President Finance North Atlantic Family Care and European Administration, Kimberly-Clark
  • Tasting Success with Securitisation
    by Derek Strocher, Group Treasurer, Brake Bros. Limited


  • The Real Risk?
    by Patrick Butler, Global Treasurer, Arab Bank plc
  • Euro-Associations of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) Association News
    Patrick Butler, Treasurer,
  • International News & People