Articles > TMI Magazine > Issue 125 - Feb - March 2004

Issue 125 - Feb - March 2004

Issue 125 - Feb - March 2004

Payment Factories & Shared Service Centres

Special Feature

 Production Line

by Jane Attwood, Commissioning Editor, TMI

 Executive Briefing


 Corporate Securitisation

by Keiron Root, Editorial Consultant, TMI

 Driving to Success via Securitisation

by Jochen Stich, Group Treasurer, Porsche Holding GmbH

Best Practice Articles

 Payment Factories and Shared Service Centres. Options and opportunities

by Tony de Caux, Chief Executive, BRC Consulting Services Ltd

Thought Leadership

 The Emergence of the Financial Supply Chain

by Jon Abolins, Vice President of Tax & Government Affairs, Velosant, LP

 The Shared Service Centre Making it Work

by Simon Newton, Vice President Finance North Atlantic Family Care and European Administration, Kimberly-Clark

 Tasting Success with Securitisation

by Derek Strocher, Group Treasurer, Brake Bros. Limited


 The Real Risk?

by Patrick Butler, Global Treasurer, Arab Bank plc

 Euro-Associations of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) Association News

Patrick Butler, Treasurer,

 International News & People


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