Issue 126 - March 2004

Inside Issue Issue 126 - March 2004

Special Feature

  • ING Providing Corporate Financial Services in the Accession Countries
    by Keiron Root, Editorial Consultant, TMI
  • Standardising the Message Standards
    by Keiron Root, Editorial Consultant, TMI
  • Corruption controls
    by Jane Attwood, Commissioning Editor, TMI

Best Practice Articles

  • Optimal Capital Structure and Hedging
    by Tien Chau, Treasury & Credit Manager, IBM, China

Thought Leadership

  • Closing the US Current Account Deficit
    by Dr Jay Bryson, Vice President, Global Economist, Wachovia


  • Euro-Associations of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) Association News
    by François Masquelier – Chairman, EACT/President, ATEL
  • Executive Briefing
  • International News & People
  • CLS and the Herstatt Syndrome: first steps towards the end of a systemic risk?
    by Olivier Brissaud, General Manager – Coordination Center, Volkswagen S.A./N.V., Chairman – ATEB, Board Member – EACT & Honorary Secretary – IGTA
  • Cash Pooling in The Czech Republic
    by Kamil Kocurek, Treasurer, SME a.s. and Petr Polák, Vice President, Czech Association of Corporate Treasurers
  • A Modern Replica of Ponzi Finance The Painful Lessons of the Parmalat Affair
    by Gianfranco Tabasso, Coordinator – EACT Payment Commission, Vice President – Association of Italian Corporate Treasurers (AITI) and CEO – FMS Group