Issue 132 - August 2004

Inside Issue Issue 132 - August 2004

Special Feature

  • The Burden of Regulation – is there any way for treasury to derive real value from compliance?
    by Sebastian di Paola, Partner, Corporate Treasury Solutions Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Contents
  • International News & People
  • Doing Business with Uncle Sam – US Capital Markets
    by Keiron Root, Editorial Consultant, TMI
  • The Appeal of Global Centralisation: What’s Right for Your Company?
    by Susan Skerritt, Partner and Director, Treasury Strategies Inc.
  • Strong Partnerships Enhance Treasury Operations
  • The Treasury ‘Commando'
    by Jim Brannick, Former Vice President and Treasurer, Acterna LLC and World Kitchen
  • Euro-Associations of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) Association News
    Pierre Poncet EACT
  • Treasury Associations & Organisations
  • USD breaks out of its recent ranges – further downside expected over the medium term
  • Executive Briefing
  • Measuring and Managing Risk
    by Jackie Hollister, Commissioning Editor

Best Practice Articles

  • A Refinancing Roller Coaster
  • Building up Risk Management Capabilities
    by Sérgio Brinckmann, Chief Risk Officer, Braskem
  • Reaction to and Initial Take-up of MA-CUGs
    by Bob Lyddon, Coordinator, IBOS Central Office, London with input on the Frenchmarket from Michele Lynen of CCF, Paris