TMI 275

Inside Issue 275

Special Feature

  • A Treasurer’s Survival Guide: Moving Past Covid-19
    Eleanor Hill, Editor
  • The Ultimate Short-Term Investment Stress Test: Lessons From Covid-19
    Eleanor Hill, Editor

Best Practice Articles

  • Money Markets and the Human-Technology Connection
    Tory Hazard, CEO, ICD
  • Flying High with Sustainable Finance
    Ben Poole, Columnist

Thought Leadership

  • Goodbye, Excel: Automating Bank Guarantees at Arup
    Ben Poole, Columnist
  • People in Focus
    Adam Boukadida, Chief Financial Officer, Etihad Aviation Group; Chintan Shah, APAC Head of Cash Management, Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Bank; Esther Chibesa, TTS Head Sub-Saharan Africa, Citi
  • My Life in Treasury: Lisa Dukes
    Lisa Dukes, Deputy Group Treasurer, Drax Group
  • The Democratisation of Data: Bringing Working Capital Full Circle
    Bruce Meuli, Global Transaction Services Advisory Executive, EMEA, Bank of America
  • Searching for a Benchmark for Idle Cash Holdings
    Erik Smolders, Vice President, Deloitte Advisory
  • The Dangers of Negative Interest Rates
    François Masquelier, Founder of SimplyTREASURY and Honorary Chairman, European Association of Corporate Treasurers
  • Planning for Treasury Tomorrow
    Eleanor Hill, Editor
  • Spot the Difference: Isn’t Every TMS the Same?
    An Interview with Michael Juen, Chief Customer Officer, BELLIN