Articles > TMI Magazine > Issue 147 - Feb 2006

Issue 147 - Feb 2006

Issue 147 - Feb 2006

Have cards gone platinum?

Special Feature

 Have Cards Gone Platinum?

by Helen Sanders, Editor

 How Belron is Meeting the Cash Management Challenge

by Christine Clémençon, Assistant Group Treasurer, Belron Group

Best Practice Articles

 The Annapurna Project

by Olivier Bouillaud, Group Treasurer, Antalis

 The Fairness of Fair Value

by François Masquelier, Honorary Chairman of European Associations of Corporate Treasurers and Member of the Financial Instrument Working Group (FIWG)

Thought Leadership

 Access to Europe via a Centralised Treasury

by Christopher Afarian, Assistant Treasurer, Network Appliance, Inc.

 Building the Treasury Brand

by Alberto S. Nunez, Vice-President and Treasurer, Alderwoods Group

 What They Don’t Teach You About M&A in Business School

by Amanda Duisman, Director of Finance and Assistant Treasurer, Sybase, Inc.


 Germany Still Not in Top Gear

by Ralph Solveen, Head of Economic Research, Commerzbank

 Climbing a Dangerous Mountain

by Jackie Hollister, Commissioning Editor, TMI

 Foreign Exchange Strategy: Dramatic Shift in USD Sentiment


 EACT News


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