Issue 147 - Feb 2006

Inside Issue Issue 147 - Feb 2006

Special Feature

  • Have Cards Gone Platinum?
    by Helen Sanders, Editor
  • How Belron is Meeting the Cash Management Challenge
    by Christine Clémençon, Assistant Group Treasurer, Belron Group

Best Practice Articles

  • The Annapurna Project
    by Olivier Bouillaud, Group Treasurer, Antalis
  • The Fairness of Fair Value
    by François Masquelier, Honorary Chairman of European Associations of Corporate Treasurers and Member of the Financial Instrument Working Group (FIWG)

Thought Leadership

  • Access to Europe via a Centralised Treasury
    by Christopher Afarian, Assistant Treasurer, Network Appliance, Inc.
  • Building the Treasury Brand
    by Alberto S. Nunez, Vice-President and Treasurer, Alderwoods Group
  • What They Don’t Teach You About M&A in Business School
    by Amanda Duisman, Director of Finance and Assistant Treasurer, Sybase, Inc.


  • Germany Still Not in Top Gear
    by Ralph Solveen, Head of Economic Research, Commerzbank
  • Climbing a Dangerous Mountain
    by Jackie Hollister, Commissioning Editor, TMI
  • Foreign Exchange Strategy: Dramatic Shift in USD Sentiment
  • EACT News