TMI 205

Inside Issue 205

Special Feature

  • The Treasurer's Voice: RMB Cross-Border Trade Settlement
    Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI
  • Strategic Financing in Asia
    Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI

Best Practice Articles

  • Pioneering SWIFT Corporate Access in Poland
    Eric Finat-Duclos, Finance Director, EDF Polska CUW
  • A Bespoke Approach to Personal Digital Signatures
    Valérie Sainsaulieu, Head of Treasury Control, Lafarge

Thought Leadership

  • The Mobile Treasury - Fact or Fiction, Freedom or Fear?
    Mike Burn, Client ACCESS Product Executive, Treasury Services, EMEA, J.P. Morgan
  • Meet the Chinese Consumer of 2020
    Yuval Atsmon and Max Magni, McKinsey
  • An Innovative Approach to Extending Treasurers' SAP Functionality through bdf Consultants' Cash Cockpit
    An interview with Thomas Dohmen, CEO Treasury and Finance, and Uwe Herrmann, CEO Product Development, bdf Consultants