TMI Issue 157 - July/Aug 2007

Inside Issue Issue 157 - July/Aug 2007

Special Feature

  • Subordinate Loses Secondary Status: Corporate Issuance of Hybrid Capital
    by Helen Sanders, Editor
  • Guide to East European Cash Management

Best Practice Articles

  • Corporate Hybrid Capital
    by Christoph Klaper, RZB Group
  • Harmonized Standards For Minimum Term Of Hybrid Capital Issues
    by Scott Sprinzen, Scott Bugie, Solomon B Samson, Standard & Poor’s
  • An Analytical Hedging Framework – Developing a Value-Added Approach to Risk Management
    by Anders Aslund, Corporate Risk Advisory, and Mireille Meens, Head of Corporate Risk Advisory Benelux, Commerzbank
  • Technology Innovation and Competitive Advantage in the Money Funds Market
    by Mark Allen, Head of International Cash, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • Global Visibility and Control at Group Treasury
    by Sarah Boyce, Director of Treasury, Cadbury Schweppes
  • Innovation in On-Line Payments
    by Brent Bellm, Managing Director, Europe, PayPal
  • A New Entrant to the Treasury Technology Market: Arlington Securities’ Experience
    by James Cornell, Treasurer, Arlington Securities


  • Integrated Supply Chain Management to Drive Business Growth
    by Luc Caulier, CEO, Supply Chain and Cash Management
  • International news and People in Focus
  • Adding Value to the Treasury Profession
    by Helen Sanders, Editor, TMI
  • EACT News
  • EACT News
    Gianfranco Tabasso, Chairman, EACT Payment Commission
  • Executive Briefing

Other Articles

  • Investing in Belgium Today
    by Jean-Yves Dopchie, Secretary General, Forum187