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TMI 176

TMI 176

In this months edition of TMI we are delighted to feature an interview with Francesco Vanni d'Archirafi, appointed Chief Executive Officer, Global Transaction Services at Citi earlier this year. Following our feature in last month's magazine on the economic benefits of a ‘green' business strategy, Francesco shares some of his thoughts. Brian Thumwood, DHL, continues the theme, exploring how the company has implemented eBilling and some of the environmental and financial benefits, as well as enhancements to customer service, which they have achieved.

Many readers will be aware of BNP Paribas' Cash Management University, now in its third year, taking place on October 8-9. We preview one of the sessions at this event, the first in a series showcasing some of the topics and speakers. Also on theme of liquidity, this month's Special Feature focuses on how liquidity management has changed over the past year.

These articles are accompanied by a wealth of others, covering experiences of a major insurance firm, treasury centralisation at Volkswagen and more.

Special Feature

 Managing Liquidity and Short-term Investment

BNP Paribas

 Prioritising Sustainability and Efficiency

An interview with Francesco Vanni d'Archirafi, Chief Executive Officer, Global Transaction Services, Citi by Helen Sanders, Editor

Best Practice Articles

 Centralising Treasury and Cash Management Processes in the Volkswagen Group

Michael Zucknick, Managing Consultant, IBM Global Business Services

 eBilling = Environmental Billing at DHL

Interview with Brian Thumwood, eBilling Manager, Europe, by Helen Sanders, Editor

 A Treasurers' Dilemma

Jonathan Chesebrough, Head of Risk & Accounting Advisory at RBS Global Banking and Markets and Colin McKee, Risk and Accounting Advisory, RBS Global Banking and Markets

 United We Stand, Divided We Fall:

Transactional Banking, Standard Chartered Bank

 Operational Efficiency with SWIFT at World First

Jabu Henson, Chief Operating Officer, World First

Thought Leadership

 Keeping the Liquidity Tap On

Helen Sanders, Editor

 A New Dimension to FX Dealing

Francois Masquelier, Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury, RTL Group, and Honorary Chairman EACT

 Correlation between Credit Ratings and Defaul Frequencies

Diane Vazza, a Managing Director at Standard & Poor's Ratings Services

 Cash Management in a Credit Crisis: A Case Study

Helen Sanders, Editor


 EACT News

Richard Raeburn, Chairman, EACT

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