Doing Business in Romania

Romania is a South-eastern European country, having a population of 19 million, the 7th in EU (member since 2007). The main business developments are in Automotive (Renault, Ford, Daimler), IT (Oracle 4500 employees, Amazon 1000 employees), agriculture, petrol. The main cities are: Bucharest, the capital: 2 million inhabitants, Cluj Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, Sibiu, Constanta: 200k - 400k inhabitants). The expected GPD Growth in 2018 is 5.1%. The corporation tax is 1%-16%, while the employment taxes are up to 43.75%. The regular VAT quota is 19%, with 5% for cheap houses.  

This document takes you through some of the common questions we come across and gives you practical information about the issues you need to consider.


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