The Slovenian Corporate Treasurers Association (SCTA) was established in 2003 with the objective to stimulate the continuing development of treasury and finance professionals and offer them first-class opportunities to share the professional experience, knowledge and information with leading practitioners from companies of all sizes, including the major Slovenian corporations. The SCTA contains approximately 150 members employed at 112 companies. The association looks to facilitate the promotion of treasury and finance professions primarily throught various training sessions, conferences and networking events.

Membership Criteria 

. Members must have obtained a University degree in economic science or a related field.

. Members must have completed three years of relevant experience in corporate finance. 

. Members must adhere to the rules of the association and act accordingly

Education & Training

There are between 5 and 7 training events organised by the SCTA anually along with a two day yearly conference. 


The Slovenian Corporate Treasurers Asscociation is governed by the Supervisory Committee SC (President of the SC is Mr. David Skornšek) in a capacity of a supervisory body. The Managing Committee (MC), oversees the programme of the SCTA. President of the MC is Mr. Tadej Majhen.



Contact Us

Dr. Ales Berk Skok, Board Member
Telephone: +386 41 858535

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