«Uniting the best professionals to improve treasury management practices and develop the corporate treasury management profession in Russia»

Create a common platform to share knowledge and experience in treasury management

  • Organise and coordinate conferences, training courses and master-classes in treasury management;
  • Networking with Corporate Treasurers Associations from other countries;
  • Together with professional community work on the development of new bank, IT and other treasury-related products;
  • Establish awards for outstanding achievements in treasury management.

Facilitate the professional development of treasury personnel in the areas of cash management, risk management and corporate finance through training and education

  • Bringing in world class experts to foster the exchange of professional knowledge;
  • Organizing trainings and master classes in treasury management;
  • Running professional certification program in corporate treasury management;
  • Interact with universities.

Elaborate on best practices for corporate treasury management in Russia

  • Review and disseminate best practices in the areas of cash management, corporate finance and financial risk management;
  • Publishing articles on treasury function;
  • Conduct studies and surveys about treasury management practices in Russia.

Represent the common positions of treasurers

  • Develop the common positions of treasurers on acute issues and represent these positions to financial institutions, regulators and other professional groups;
  • Comment on relevant financial legislation and work on proposals;
  • Participate in various initiatives aiming for the improvement of Russian financial system.

Contact Us

Vladimir Kozinets, President
Telephone: +7 916 501 61 73
Email: v.kozinets@corptreasury.ru

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