For more than a decade, T.A. Cook Conferences, the conference division of T.A. Cook Consultants, has been organising very successful conferences and seminars for managers.

Practitioners and experts from well-known companies regularly report at our events about innovative approaches to solutions in the fields of organisation, management and the use of state-of-the art technologies.

We also offer a wide spectrum of seminars and workshops which equip participants at our events with the skills they need to meet future challenges. The in-depth exchange of experience guarantees new ideas and impetus. Our speaker-practitioners successfully impart key skills and the latest know-how in a compact form. You will receive a large number of useful ideas which you can immediately implement in practice. We offer our seminars both for the public and in-house, specially tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our specialist subjects (SAP and organisation):

* Business Warehouse and Technical Controlling
* Spare Parts Management
* Manager Development
* Maintenance/Service Management
* Real Estate/Facility Management
* Project Management
* Financial Supply Chain Management
* Operational Excellence

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