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From the Chairman Nigel Grey, Managing Director, Berkshire Royale (Pty) Ltd. introduces the 2016 issue of The South African Treasurer, which focuses on treasury trends and the opportunities and challenges that come with them.

From the Chairman 

by Nigel Grey, Managing Director, Berkshire Royale (Pty) Ltd

Nigel GreyIt is with great pleasure that I introduce the 2016 issue of The South African Treasurer, which focuses on treasury trends and the opportunities and the challenges that come with them. 

The magazine, published in association with Treasury Management International, forms one of a wide and varied spectrum of events organised by ACTSA on issues pertinent to treasurers.

The dawn of a new year never fails to present opportunities and challenges to treasury departments, and 2016 is no exception. Although we see a number of topics that remain high on the agenda each year, we are seeing an increasing interest in the skill of managing uncertainty, business integration, new technologies such as blockchain and the centralising of operations.

Treasury management is entering a unique period of transformation. Opportunities exist for the treasury to expand its influence and enhance its usefulness to the business.  Although this cannot be done without embracing new thinking as the changing nature of life presents new challenges and opportunities, those companies that manage their risks better, will do better.

The businesses which  are subjected to currency, interest rate and commodity price variations used to be, still are and most certainly will in the future be exposed to what some might feel as endless volatility and uncertainty. 

Embracing this reality is not new, but perhaps what is creating opportunities for the treasurer are the vast and rapid developments in technologies that can be used to streamline processes, manage new regulatory requirements and enable the treasury to provide exemplary service in facilitating the businesses’ liquidity position is maintained and optimised.

The selection of articles in this year’s edition will provide useful guidance and food for thought to the diverse array of issues occupying the treasurer’s mind.  More than ever the financial acumen of the treasurer will be called upon to assist in successfully guiding the business into the future and I urge you to embrace the challenges with enthusiasm and vigor.   

Enjoy this year’s edition. 


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