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TMI Awards 2009 Supplement (Part 5) Pages 21 to 25 cover the Best Tax Advisor Award, Best Treasury Consultant Award, and the Editor's Recognition Awards, as well as including a full list of all Awards winners.




As a key player in global markets during 2009, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has been privileged to engage in strategic dialogue with our corporate and financial institution clients.

RBS has helped corporate and financial institution clients to re-engineer their balance sheets, improve their liquidity positions, structure and fund acquisitions, and prepare themselves to achieve future business strategies. With others, we have considered their strategic options ahead of a potential economic recovery. RBS has been able to provide bespoke analysis and advice linked to actionable strategies by understanding our clients and their competitors, and by being, and staying, close to the equity, debt and derivatives markets.

Andrew Walker, Co-Head of Corporate Finance at RBS, commented: “We are delighted to receive this award for the third year running and grateful for the confidence our clients have again shown in RBS’ ability to innovate and provide complete corporate finance solutions in another year of challenging conditions. It is a testament to RBS’ client focus and confirms the success of our strategy to be a partner of choice for our leading clients. We look forward to working with our clients in 2010, and to the continuing challenge of providing the outstanding advice and service they require.”


Northern Trust

Northern Trust works with some of the most sophisticated pension funds across the globe to deliver a range of innovative solutions to meet their increasingly sophisticated requirements. We currently provide asset servicing and asset management solutions to over 1000 pension funds globally.

Penelope Biggs, Head of Northern Trust’s Retirement Solutions Practice in EMEA says “We are honoured to be recognised by TMI for the solutions we offer to pensions and their sponsors and the work of our dedicated Retirement Solutions Practice. This single advisory group was launched in early 2009 and brings together industry experts from both the asset management and asset servicing side of our organisation to help pensions navigate the evolving retirement market.”

Through the Retirement Solutions Practice Northern Trust is sharing their knowledge and understanding of pensions, investments, government and regulatory issues as well as proprietary research into market-related issues such as risk management, pan-European pensions and fiduciary management. With their diverse skill sets, and an average of 20 years’ experience, the knowledge and expertise of the individuals within the Retirement Solutions Practice is combined to provide different solutions and integrated strategies tailored to the needs of pension funds.

As pension funds around the world continue to face unprecedented challenges, Northern Trust and its dedicated Retirement Solutions Practice remain firmly focused on helping them to stay one step ahead in managing their pension funds.

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