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TMI Awards 2009 Supplement (Part1) Pages 1 to 5 of the TMI Awards 2009 Supplement, including forewords by TMI's Chief Executive and TMI's Editor. The awards covered in this section are Best Bank for Cash Management in Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Nordic Region, Asia and Greater China, and Global Best Bank for Cash Management.

TMI Awards 2009 for Innovation and Excellence

Welcome to this special Anniversary Awards edition, in which we recognise innovation and excellence in banking and professional services to corporate treasurers. The TMI Awards are now in their eleventh year, and over this period, the number of Awards and the votes by our readers has grown enormously. We are now pleased to present 49 Awards to banks and suppliers of technology solutions and professional services to treasurers globally; this year for the first time, in acknowledgement of SWIFT’s growing importance to corporate treasurers, we include the new category of Best Bank- SWIFT for Corporates.

This year has been another difficult year for corporate treasurers, in which liquidity and risk management have proved paramount concerns. Being acknowledged with an Award at this time is perhaps an even greater testimony to the solutions, innovation and commitment to clients amongst banks and suppliers than in more benign years. Once again, for the second year, we recognise the financial supply chain management as a specific activity. In many corporates, and indeed within many banks, a holistic view of the financial supply chain, including identifying and optimising the various drivers of working capital, is still in its infancy, but we are pleased to recognise the growing importance of this approach in our Awards.

Bearing in mind the challenges which all companies now face, not least the banks themselves, we are delighted to acknowledge the banks, vendors and suppliers which have exceeded expectations and delivered real value to their corporate customers. The Awards will be presented formally at a ceremony in London in January, but we hope that you will join us in congratulating our Award winners and spend some time reading the information and comments from our Award winners.

If your bank or service provider is not represented amongst the Award winners, do let us know how they have helped you, and make sure you nominate them next year!


Editor’s Awards

Firstly, I would like to add my personal congratulations to those of Robin. This year has been tumultuous, to say the least, and no organisation has been left untouched by the crisis. The TMI Awards recognise the efforts that banks’ and suppliers’ staff have put into developing, delivering and supporting solutions to help their clients through challenging times.

For the fourth year, I am proud to be able to present special Editor’s Awards, now extended into specific areas to recognise the contribution of corporate treasurers globally to whom we are indebted. For 2009 we have included four new Excellence in Treasury Recognition Awards in the areas of Risk Management, Cash Management, SWIFT Connectivity and Treasury Technology. The winners were selected from a personal shortlist of treasurers who have demonstrated innovation and excellence in one of the four key category areas. These Awards are not voted formally by readers, but reflect my personal experience of meeting, interviewing and talking to treasurers around the world.

Finally, we would like to wish all our readers a very happy New Year and we look forward to sharing your experiences through the pages of TMI in 2010.    

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