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Pioneering MT5XX Messaging for Confirmation Matching By leveraging existing tools and relying on internal resources to undertake this pioneering project, Roche enhanced the automation, workflow and controls over confirmation matching and reconciliation process without the need for major investment.

Pioneering MT5XX Messaging for Confirmation Matching

by Marco Brähler, Head of Treasury Back Office, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Over the past decade, Roche has developed a world-class global treasury organisation - a process that has been distinguished by close collaboration between treasury and IT to become a key service provider to the business. Since 2007 when Roche first featured its SAP implementation in TMI, treasury and IT have optimised many of its treasury processes, developed its in-house bank into a payments and collections factory, including the use of virtual accounts and implemented SWIFT for bank connectivity. These initiatives have been widely recognised both across the Roche organisation and externally. For example, Roche was awarded Treasury Today’s Adam Smith Award 2013 in the category for Best Working Capital Solution. In this article, Marco Brähler describes the next stage in Roche’s pioneering treasury and technology journey.

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