From Operational Efficiencies to Strategic Value: Realising Treasury's Potential

Recognised as the Treasury Team of the Year 2011 in the gtnews awards, and winner of the Grand Prize in the AFP Pinnacle Award in 2010, Brocade’s treasury department has raised the standard to which every treasury can aspire.

In this article, treasurer Jean Furter describes how Brocade’s treasury has differentiated itself, and the value that it has been able to contribute to the business.

Key Points

  • Brocade treasury decided it would become part of the team making major strategic decisions in the company
  • It started by gaining greater depth of understanding of the business
  • It implemented a comprehensive enterprise risk management programme, built a sophisticated cash flow forecasting model and revamped the company’s FX process
  • Treasury also puts a strong focus on talent management, developing a culture of excellence


Written by

Jean Furter
Vice President, Treasurer



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