Enhancing Efficiency and Risk Management in Cash Collection

As a result of a largely cash-driven payments culture in Poland, Grupa Żywiec collects around half of its revenues in cash, with thousands of customers across Poland. As cash collection can often be expensive and subject to a variety of risks, it was very important for Grupa Żywiec that it had efficient, cost-effective and risk averse means of collecting, posting and reconciling cash.

This article outlines how the company embarked on this transformation and the outcomes it has achieved so far.

Key Points

  • Business model
  • Importance of cash
  • Legacy cash collection process
  • Seeking an alternative solution
  • A new cash collection model
  • Business impact
  • Moving forward


Written by

Karolina Tarnawska
Treasury & Credit Risk Director
Grupa Żywiec

Cash & Liquidity Management Series (44 articles)


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