How Corporations Meet Today's FX Market Challenges

Corporate treasurers and CFOs everywhere are confronted with the seemingly endless volatility and uncertainty that afflicts the global foreign exchange market. The weakness of the commodity sector, the general collapse of equity markets and the lack of clarity about the timing and scope of the next moves of influential international authorities such as the Federal Reserve Bank and the European Central Bank add to the confusion and promise no early respite. Treasurers and CFOs are tasked with protecting the value of their companies’ foreign profits, earnings, and investments – and this task has never been more demanding than it is today.

Key Points

  • FX risk management – technology overview
  • FX exposure measurement – the cash position
  • FX exposure management – forecasting
  • Hedging policy
  • Hedging strategy
  • Hedge execution - dealing
  • In-house banking
  • Synthesis

Written by

Hennie de Klerk



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