1-Day Speed Training for CFOs & Controllers - £770 / €875

November 2017   |   Brussels

Ask the right questions to your team, discover the environment of the current market, learn how to find the right information for your reporting and interpret the figures you’re already presented with.

At TMI Academy, we understand how valuable your time is to the company, that’s why we’ve worked with industry leading treasury professional and trainer Patrick Verspecht to present an intensive, one-day training course on practical FX insights and trends in modern treasury.

Why you should attend:

  • Learn what a corporate finance person should know about FX to enable discussion on FX risks with treasury
  • Specifically designed for non-treasury professionals at CFO or Controller levels
  • Limited audience allows more interaction and deeper understanding
  • Bring your own cases to discuss during the session, individually with the teacher or even over the phone in the following days
  • A class given by treasury and finance professionals with a keen understanding of the interaction between these two areas
  • Complimentary subscription to TMI Magazine and TMI Academy digital courses
  • Excellent networking opportunities

Who should attend:

  • Newly appointed CFOs looking to take the right first steps
  • Experienced CFOs facing new challenges
  • Controllers looking for a better understanding of the financial challenges to the company and to relate to their treasurers

This programme will focus on:

  • The goals of efficient FX management and derivative contracts
  • FX risk types including net earnings translation risk, balance sheet risks and off-balance sheet risks
  • Hedging instruments usually used by corporates: FX forwards/swaps, FX options, orders etc.
  • Hedging policies and strategies with templates and case studies which elucidate the demands of successful hedging
  • The tools available and often required for effective FX risk management
  • Accounting for derivatives, the risks and opportunities
  • Commodities specifics and associated strategies
  • Evaluation and analysis of dashboard templates


Patrick Verspecht

Patrick Verspecht is an experienced treasury professional who has filled many varied finance roles before moving to corporate treasury, giving him a unique insight into the relationship between these areas. Notable treasury positions include Dresser Inc. (European Treasurer, EMEA Treasurer) and more recently as Global Treasurer for GE Measurement & Control (part of General Electric Oil & Gas).

He is currently working in the area of Financial Risk Management (through Finmetrics SA) in the Banking and Corporate sectors. Patrick is also teaching at the House of Training (Luxembourg Chamber of commerce) and is an active member of the Board of the ATEB (Belgian Corporate Treasurers Association) and an active member of the ATEL (Luxembourg Corporate Treasurers Association).

Hughes Pirotte

A Professor of Finance at the Solvay Business School of Economics in Brussels where he runs the Executive Master in Finance program, Hughes will be joining Patrick and offering his expertise in hedge accounting and financial instruments.



November 2017   |   Brussels   |   €875*

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TMI has enjoyed a unique perspective from over 25 years of engaging with and offering senior input to treasuries of all sizes. Thanks to feedback from our readership, we have observed the need for training based upon demonstrable corporate success, bolstered by peer group discussion and taught with a consultative approach.

   Practical skills, not just the theory. TMI training provides practical insights using in-depth case studies and real world, proven examples presented by instructors with years of knowledge and integrity in the profession.

   Bespoke 1-on-1 or highly tailored group training sessions with various interactive exercises and simulation-based learning.

   Bring your own cases to the group to discuss in a roundtable fashion for the chance to tap into the experience of your peers and our instructors.

   After the session, continue the discourse with further contact with your tutors or through networking with your fellow attendees.

Just talk to one of our advisors to find out the best location, date and course for you or your team: info@tmi-academy.com

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