Digitisation for Best-in-Class Treasury Management

Dassault Systémes discuss the progress that treasury has made in optimising processes using best-in-class technology, specifically leveraging the advantages offered through cloud-based solutions.

Key Points

  • In order to maintain a common, trusted view of information, Dassault Systèmes chose Kyriba as its TMS, one major reason for the choice being that Kyriba is cloud-based
  • The solution was implemented and integrated with Dassault’s wider technology framework in three phases during 2014
  • Once files have been transmitted to Kyriba, payment instructions are approved by authorised signatories via 3SKey
  • Further plans including using a central repository for KYC information, with 3SKey to secure the information, and the digitisation of bank fee reconciliation

Written by

John Colleemallay

Dassault Systèmes

Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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