Addressing Cash Management Complexity in Turkey through a One Bank Strategy

At Johnson Controls, Inc. we have been through a period of geographic expansion and financial process optimisation, including establishing regional shared service centres (SSCs). As part of this strategy, we made the decision to appoint one bank per country for cash management, whilst aiming to reduce our total number of banking partners overall. We use a variety of criteria when choosing a bank according to our requirements in each country, but they should be part of our lending syndicate (i.e., a relationship bank) and we will review each bank relationship in depth every five years.

Our EMEA treasury department in Belgium is responsible for 47 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). In some cases, we need to work with a local bank for domestic cash management purposes but ideally we try to work with our relationship banks wherever possible.

  • Optimising bank communications
  • Relationship banking with ING
  • Supporting business growth in Turkey
  • A local and regional banking partnership
  • Looking ahead


Written by

Mario Del Natale
Director of Treasury Operations, Systems & Applications
Johnson Controls



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