An Entrepreneurial Approach to Centralisation at AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel has a centralised approach to treasury management, with a regional treasury centre (RTC) based in Singapore with responsibility for Asia Pacific, apart from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan which are supported through a dedicated tresury function in Shanghai.

Key Points

  • AkzoNobel has now finalised and implemented regional cash management mandates for its business in Asia with HSBC and Deutsche Bank
  • A state of the art payments factory has been established
  • HSBC has been appointed as the company’s partner bank for a new trade finance strategy across Asia, in which AkzoNobel NV borrows under a single facility
  • The author summarises the challenges and benefits of the new systems, and describes the firm’s approach to the centralisation of FX risk management


Written by

Jarno Timmerman
Head of Treasury South East Asia Pacific
AkzoNobel Treasury & Investor Relations



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