Technology Transformation as a Catalyst for Treasury Excellence

In 2012, Heidelberger’s existing treasury technology provider announced the termination of support for the platform, prompting the company to seek an alternative solution.

Key Points

  • When Siemens announced that it was going to terminate support for its Finavigate treasury management system, Heidelberg, a long-standing user of Finavigate, had to find an alternative solution
  • After careful examination of a number of treasury solutions, the company chose the TIS Cloud Platform, which filled a wide range of Heidelberg's functional criteria
  • Heidelberg went live on SAP with TIS in October 2014; the author describes its successful implimentation and benefits, and outlines the firm's future treasury objectives


Written by

Katja Zimmermann
Head of Corporate Treasury
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG



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